Automatic Destacking Units

Unload Pallets Of Material Into Production Without Handling A Single Layer

Throughput Per Layer (Bump Mode)
Sq. Ft.
Machine Footprint
Minimum Layer Height

Product Overview

Pick Foam Layers From A Stacked Pallet And Convey Them Into Production

Destacking units are typically used at the start of a lamination line to unload pallets of foam, latex, or pocket coils. Each layer is conveyed to a lamination system in order of the laminate build to automate the raw material infeed. Empty pallets are then recycled automatically through the machine for pickup by a forklift.

automatic destacking system video

See the destacking units work in unison to unload pallets of foam.

How The Destacking Units Work


Using a bump conveyor or pickheads, product is picked and conveyed into the production line.


Product conveys in order of a recipe into the lamination system. Multiple destackers suit the number of layers in a mattress build.


Empty pallets are shuttled through the machine and return to the same place they started for pick up.


Product Specifications



  • 15-seconds per layer
Machine Footprint

Machine Footprint

Standard: 25 ft 6 in x 10 ft x 7 ft 10 in
Metric: 7.8 m x 3 m x 2.4 m



  • Opt for multiple destackers to suit your most common build
  • Choose pickheads or bump conveyors to unstack pallets of layers
  • Model options for different stack heights

How The Destackers Fit Into Production

Destacking units automate the start of your production line by feeding raw material. Here is an example of where these units fit in an automated line for a four or five layer build.

Improved Material Handling

Destackers at the front of the line keep forklift traffic organized with the same drop off and pick up locations.

Consistent Product Infeed

Raw materials are fed into production by order of recipe and kept square as they pass to lamination.

Scalable Units

Opt for the number of destackers that best suits your production with the option to feed special material through the back side of the destacker.

Ready To Scale Your Lamination Line?


Frequently Asked Questions

How high of a pallet stack works with the destacking unit?

There are two destacking unit models that can handle 58 inch stacks or 80 inch stacks.

How thick can each layer be?

The destacking unit can pick layers from 1/2 inch thick to 8 inches thick.