Joe Van De Hey

CEO & Founder

About Joe Van De Hey

In 1993, Joe Van De Hey took an entrepreneurial leap of faith. He pulled his electrical engineering skills out of a large company and put them to use in his own endeavor. Breaking free of the old ruts of manufacturing, Joe and his business partner, Marv Wall, decided to launch what would eventually become C³ in 1994. Joe continues to oversee C³ operations as CEO, driving our engineering R&D teams and nurturing growth-oriented relationships with our clients.

Joe is known for saying, “A good design keeps giving, a bad design keeps taking.” Joe says when a design is good, it continues to provide new opportunity for clients. If a design is bad, it continues to suck resources from operations. Joe inspires our team to create only good designs, reminding us that ingenuity and integrity should be ingrained in every machine that leaves our door.


I love innovation. I'd rather make our own paths and take highways that may be a little less traveled. I don't want to follow something, more create something. This has played well for us over the years and it's become a part of who C³ is.