Josh Vande Hey

VP Sales

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About Josh Vande Hey

Josh goes all-in on the idea of servant leadership in his role as C³’s VP of Sales. He sees his responsibilities as twofold: 1) to serve the company by bringing vision to market growth; and 2) to serve the people on the sales and marketing team by supporting them in every way possible. In his mind, this is just how people ought to live—going a little further, doing a little more to help each other out and move forward together.

Overall, Josh is not likely to sit still for very long. He loves keeping his life as active as his mind, always pursuing new ideas and embracing everything the world brings his way. He has yet to find a stretch of woods, an expanse of open water, or a snow-covered mountain slope that can contain him—literally or metaphorically.

The people at C³ are family to me. I know it sounds cliché, but it’s true. It makes work so much more rewarding. We’re always putting our heads together and imagining the next leap forward. It’s easy to get excited about that.