Mitch T

Electrical Engineer - Compression

About Mitch T

Mitch loves how the electrical engineering world always delivers new technologies he can apply to C³’s machinery. He enjoys projects where he works to control the equipment in the best way possible for customers, so they have a fine-tuned machine perfect for their application.

Mitch uses CAD software to create wiring diagrams and panel layouts for compression machinery. He prepares PLC code and helps design the human machine interface. After the machine is built, he helps the service team with start-ups and troubleshoots issues to ensure it’s running smoothly for our customer. Once it’s in the field, Mitch is just a phone call away to help keep the machine in production.

He says one of the best parts of working at C³ is the collaboration and different ideas brought to the table. The electrical and mechanical team work closely to engineer the best machinery on the market.

My priority when servicing customers is to help them understand how the machine works so they're efficient in their operations. Not only does C³ make it a priority to provide this assistance, but we also equip them with the tools needed for success.