Tanner Van De Hey

Account Manager

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About Tanner Van De Hey

Tanner spends his days at C³ thinking about the big picture and focusing on the details. Such is the life of an Account Manager, at least in his mind. He is always looking out for each customer’s long term best interests, evaluating current operations and configurations against growth goals and anticipated market shifts. “It isn’t sufficient to merely help a customer grow capacity, we also want to make sure they’re growing productivity and efficiency,” he says. Having worn many hats at C³, Tanner sees with a holistic vision, understanding how everything from machinery configurations to consumable products works in harmony.

While he helps clients manage the moment and prepare for the future, Tanner finds his own bliss in the silence of the woods and in playing the drums. If that seems like a contradiction, well, that’s what makes Tanner tick—reconciling contradictions and finding ways to make everything work in harmony.

Ultimately, it’s all about relationships. It’s about being there for one another. That’s what I love most about C³—we form strong relationships with each other and, most importantly, with our customers.