Zak Albrecht

Key Technical Account Manager

Zak Albrecht profile photo

About Zak Albrecht

Everyone knows one guy who they can count on to figure out how to make things work together and get things done. At C³, his name is Zak Albrecht. In addition to managing his own list of accounts, Zak provides equipment systems planning. Zak is the guy who will get you to focus on the details that matter to the system—details you probably haven’t even thought of, and he’ll help you take your concept from a napkin to a CAD drawing to life in a factory.

But that’s all just one piece of Zak’s responsibility at C³. He also functions as the DJ in Engineering West Side, which means he controls the music he and his colleagues listen to all day. There are some, according to Zak, who believe this is the most important job at C³.

Risk it for the biscuit. No holding back. If you’re going to do something, then do it all the way.