2020 Year In Review

This year has posed many challenges and uncertainties for all of us. At C3, we entered into the new year ramping up for growth but soon found ourselves forced to rethink how we do business.

We’re thankful to have a forward-thinking, diligent team that helped us pivot our momentum in ways that allowed us to still be successful and serve our customers. Before we leave 2020 behind, we wanted to pause and take a look back at some of the milestones and achievements over the past year.

We entered into the new year fresh off the heels of a website makeover. With new innovations always in the works, we wanted our website to be the optimal resource for sharing them with you. The goal of the new web design was to serve as a resource hub for our clients.

Only a few weeks into the year, we added to that hub and officially released a new machinery design – the LCN1250 Lamination System. This new lamination machine obliterated conventional expectations for mattress lamination, running at speeds of up to six seconds per layer.

Shortly after, we also unveiled the smart package features for our CF1396 Compression Machine with Variable Cage. By integrating a variety of measuring devices into the variable roll cage system, every product is monitored during the packaging process to ensure that they are never overcompressed.

In true C3 fashion, it wasn’t long after the release of these new designs that we were already working on what’s next. We purchased another location, known as the Marshall building, where we set up a full production line. This line gives our engineers an opportunity to see all of our machinery working together simultaneously, identify areas for improvement, and test new designs faster than ever. We’re looking forward to bringing the first of these new innovations to you in 2021.

Despite the challenges this year presented us, we were fortunate to experience continued growth. In our mid-year report, we shared that we had added over 20 employees; that number has since grown to over 30, with more openings available. We were also fortunate to have multiple employees achieve milestone anniversaries this past year. Two employees celebrated their five year anniversaries, and five employees celebrated their 15 year anniversaries. This is an incredible achievement for all of them, and we’re thankful for their years of service!

We’re also thankful for all of our clients that partnered with us through this challenging year. We look forward to serving you in the future and helping you identify the right solutions for whatever manufacturing challenges lie ahead.

See you next year!