New Career By End Of Year: Production & Engineering Openings

Job postings only tell you so much about an opening. Frankly, we hate the sterility of standard postings, especially for operations-based roles. We are heavily recruiting for more people in our manufacturing departments, and the team we have in this area is anything but boring and sterile. We want to recruit and hire in a way that showcases that spirit!

This post serves as insight into why C3 is expanding, who we’re looking for, and what to expect from each role on each team. Even as we’ve grown over the years, we still haven’t become a stodgy manufacturing company – mostly thanks to the people within our walls serving up a good dose of craftsmanship and passion, with personality to match. 

Our team is expanding due to sheer growth – we’re thankful to have excellent retention and the ability to maintain operations during recent events. If you’re looking for a secure career where you have the opportunity to expand and grow, these openings right now at C3 are worth your application.

Peruse the teams with open positions below and apply!

Machine Shop Team: Electrical & Mechanical Assemblers, Electricians

The heart of C3 lies in the machinery shop. Here we manufacture our equipment for the foam and mattress industry. Each machine is assembled in-house in our Venture Facility by skilled mechanical assemblers and electricians. Due to the rise in sales, we’re looking to grow this team to fulfill the demand for our equipment. 

If you have experience in mechanical/electrical assembly or as an electrician, you’ll enjoy these roles. You’ll work out of a state-of-the-art machinery shop (with A/C!) and join a crew that values integrity and craftsmanship.

This team is booming – so if you’re looking to commit to your career with potential for growth in installation, technical expertise for service, or leadership, you should consider applying now.

Available Machine Shop Positions: 

Production Team: Production Technicians & Operators

The production team is “together yet separate” from our operations team. This group operates our production line at our Marshall Facility. This line consists of our machinery and is used for proof-of-concept and R&D. This team runs trials, tests new machine developments, produces overflow products, and aids in uncovering operational excellence related to mattress manufacturing on C3 equipment. 

This team is brand new with high aspirations to change the industry. The leadership is committed to quality, which means each team member has a personal impact on the products produced and the maintenance of the machines. This team plays a key role in providing feedback to C3’s engineers on performance, operability, and success rates of our equipment in the field.

These positions are ideal for people with a technical, operations, or production background that are looking to do more with their career. These are not passive operator roles – you’ll be able to engage with new technology, sync with a tight-knit team, and play a critical role in proving operational excellence in mattress production.

Available Production Positions: 

Engineering Team: Electrical Drafter

C3’s engineering team operates as the brainpower behind each equipment design and manufacturing line layout. They support our sales team in designing and testing equipment manufactured for our clients. The teams operate in three product categories – lamination, compression and research and development. Each team is equipped with mechanical and electrical engineers that work together to continually improve our machine designs and configure them to perform optimally for our clients. 

This team is dynamic and fast-paced. The engineers are light-hearted and fun to work with. They’ve become experts in their categories and play a key role in ensuring the drafted designs perform well throughout the life of the machine.

C3’s equipment is state-of-the-art. If you’re an engineer and want to work on best-in-class machinery, this is your place. 

Available Engineering Positions: 

More About Working at C3

C³ engineers and manufactures equipment for the foam and mattress industry. Our expertise is in the engineering of the equipment and building automated systems with our machines. This work helps to automate facilities, providing better jobs for operators and manufacturing better quality products.

Our culture operates on ingenuity and integrity. Ingenuity to stay curious and always look at challenges from multiple viewpoints to find the best resolution. Integrity to keep us honest and cohesive. Our team is fun and vibrant, everyone has a personality that fuels our culture, and you’re sure to notice it the second you walk in our doors.

You’ll work out of Appleton, WI where our facilities are located. If you ask around, you’ll find many people find the area fun, welcoming, and a convenient place to be. Ask Tyler, from our Mechanical Assembly team, “I was born and raised in the Fox Valley, and simply put, this place is my home. My wife and I attend Cheesefest in Little Chute every year with our friends. We also enjoy the summer nights relaxing on the patio together.”

Learn more about the operations team: 

Learn more about the engineering team: 

How To Apply 

Ready for a career with C³? All of these positions are currently open and accepting applications. Click on any link above to learn more about the role and submit your application. Visit our Careers page to learn more about us and who we hire. You’ll also find information to sign up for upcoming position openings if one of these just doesn’t fit what you’re looking for.

And, as always, if a position reminds you of someone you know, pass it along!

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