How Automation Tackles Today’s Mattress Manufacturing Concerns

This year you’ve seen us showcase our Automated Bedding Line. This eight-piece mattress manufacturing system ties many of our machines into an integrated automation system. We take all of those automation concepts you hear about – data collection, process engineering, automation, AI, machine learning – and apply them to make a bed.

It’s a good time to talk about it, too, since labor costs are rising, skilled talent is leaving, and shipping costs are spiking. Oh, and the fact that the mattress industry has fully embraced packaging design with bed in a box and bag packaging (and it’s not going anywhere). Industries that impact bedding from all different angles are pressuring change.

Funny then, how few of these trends actually relate to the function of a mattress. Whether the mattress ships as a full-length bed or rolled up in a box, to the customer it is still something to sleep on. Whether the line operator costs the manufacturer $13 or $23 has little impact on how the consumer slept last night.

But they are BIG factors for manufacturers and the supporting industries. The trends we’re seeing now are implicating how beds are sourced, made, and shipped. This, inherently, impacts the customer’s night’s rest, even if it’s not visible on their newly rolled out mattress.

The Automated Bedding Line is a first-look at how our modular equipment can be integrated to improve the throughput, ergonomics, safety, product quality, use of space, tracking, and communications of your facility.

Every facilities’ manufacturing line looks different. By no means is this an off-the-shelf, one-size solution for all manufacturers. Some areas scale, some machines get swapped out, some need more labor involvement, some less… But the best part is, no matter how the line is restructured for your operations, the functionality stays the same. Opting for modular design with C³ equipment equals integrated, scalable manufacturing lines.

Need an RC1000 today but predict needing the fold in a couple years? No problem.

Aren’t ready for a fully automated laminate with trim solution today, but still want to automate destacking and storage? Can-do.

Producing some products that need roll packaging and others that just need to be bagged? We got you.

We take a phase approach to automation, giving you the right machinery for today and visibility for what you’ll need tomorrow. These phases allow you to accustom to the new equipment at a pace your operations can handle, but still take advantage of automation benefits.

Don’t over-complicate your capital investments. Keep it simple with the right equipment, at the right time. You don’t have time to mess with stock equipment that lacks engineering support. Nor do you have time to wait to adopt automation technologies in your facility to stay competitive. Partner with a company that understands the goal today and tomorrow.