How the C³ Partnership Program Reduces Downtime 

How can you enhance your market position and get ahead in the mattress industry? The answer is: the C3 Partnership Program. Not only will you receive on time, in full shipments of wraps and adhesives, but you can also earn credits to use for onsite support and training services. Simply join the program by purchasing our consumables and unlock the benefits to your production. 

Run Smoothly 

With the C3 Partnership Program, rest assured that your machines will run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. If issues arise, we offer many support services to get your team back to fast, consistent production. 

Schedule regular on-site visits for training and maintenance, or reach out to us for remote access where we can connect straight into your machine and assist you with troubleshooting. Many times the fastest way to getting a machine back into production is to work with the remote customer service team. 

As another perk of the C3 Partnership Program, our service team is integrated into your production to help identify problems before they arise. Extended downtime is costly, and this can be prevented through timely communication and partnering with our service department. Getting the product to your customers quickly is what keeps your business profitable and growing. 

Run Efficiently 

Properly trained employees play a key role in efficiency and safety. Putting out production and motivating those owning the equipment starts with empowering them through training. 

The C3 Partnership Program offers training services for your technicians to quickly and correctly repair machines while upholding a safe working environment. We’ll guide you on how to ensure all equipment functions effectively and securely at maximum output. Our technicians are a phone call away for additional support after installation. 

With your next purchase of wraps and adhesives, inquire about the C3 Partnership Program.