Back From A Week At Foam Expo 2019!

We’re baaaaaaack!

… from Foam Expo that is! Our third time exhibiting at the show, and we might have to say it was one of the most fun weeks yet. We showcased a lot of “new”: new booth, new machine, new account managers… While also connecting with many of our friends and allies in the industry. It was a great week!

The FD1000 Sets Out to Help You Improve Your Manufacturing 

On the floor, we powered a mini-version of our FD1000 Force Deflection QA System that showcased the kind of data collection and reporting you can capture with this in-line manufacturing test. We featured the FD1000 heavily in the first issue of our magazine, ENG*NUITY (did you grab a copy?!), so we were very excited to be able to demonstrate how it works live. 

This system tests a finished product and doesn’t interrupt manufacturing. Because of this, it allows you to flag “flyers,” or product way out of your spec, so you can pull them from the line before they’re packaged and sent off. How much could you potentially save in returns with this small investment?

Reducing Waste: In Manufacturing Processes and In Machinery 

We began the show talking about modular design for scale. Nothing could be worse than over-purchasing equipment that you won’t use – it’s a wasted investment. C³ works to bring you what you need today with a modular design that will help you scale up in the future. 

Midweek we focused on how C³’s designs help reduce waste in manufacturing and packaging. Manufacturing waste can be from materials, products, laggard or unused machinery, or time. C³ machines like the LCN1500 help control the use of materials like glue by applying the correct amount every time. The FD1000 helps out-of-spec product from ever leaving your building. And our favorite thing to talk about, automation, helps at every level to save time, reduce waste, and increase output.

When it comes to wasted film, Tanner jumped on the scene to talk about our new CF1396 Compression Folding System’s add on, the Traversing Stretch Wrap feature. This unit allows you to use the same size film for multiple package sizes, reducing the number of SKUs you inventory and making the most of the film you have for each package. 

Our compression packaging equipment also allows you to ship more foam at a time. Depending on the foam that is being compressed and shipped, you could put 6-7 times your current amount on one truck! Roman, our Account Manager, shared about what he saw in the market and how C³ can help, “More and more people in the foam industry are looking to improve their shipping logistics. This is forcing them to turn to foam compression. By compressing and rolling polyurethane foam pieces, businesses are able to reduce their shipping costs while increasing their pieces per truck.”

And for some fun…To stick with our theme of reducing waste, we brought along some C³-branded oranges to share! Our goal was to give out a more eco-friendly promo item to our booth visitors. We also tied it into compression by including a coaster with a delicious Compressed Wisconsin Old Fashioned recipe printed on it. Win-win!

“Foam Expo was a good opportunity to see the full spectrum of what’s going on in the foam industry,” said Tanner V., Inside Sales Rep for Consumable Products. “The different applications of foam are endless, so it’s a good chance to see how we at C³ can adjust and help other foam manufacturers solve any problems they may have.”

Another year at Foam Expo in the books! See you in 2020!