Boost Efficiency with the C³ Partnership Program

Sit back, relax and watch the rewards roll in when you join the C3 Partnership Program. We’ve built a collaboration that allows you to make more mattresses while getting more uptime, more efficiency and more credit for support services. Start by placing your wrap and adhesive orders with us and we’ll take care of the rest. 

Progress and Performance 

We want you to sleep easy knowing your operations are top-performing, and it starts with using the right wraps and adhesives for your machine. We sell products that are engineered and tested with their specific uses in mind to maintain high throughput levels. Run with impressive efficiency and avoid constant setbacks. 

Our wraps and adhesives are just the beginning. All customers receive first class training and maintenance support, and with the C3 Partnership Program, you can use your rewards to cover the cost of many onsite services. It’s a win-win! 

Managed Inventory 

Get ready for more. As another great benefit of the C3 Partnership Program, we’ll help you manage your inventory and plan ahead to keep you supplied. Let us handle the shipments and get them scheduled to your frequency. If business slows down or picks up, we can adjust accordingly — we got you. 

Leading Change 

Imagine being one of the first to implement a new groundbreaking innovation and observing how it truly is the faster way to make more. When you join the C3 Partnership Program, you receive priority access to new developments and machine upgrades! Don’t waste any more time on outdated solutions. 

Let’s collaborate and get ahead of tomorrow’s challenges. Reach out to us about the C3 Partnership Program and begin moving forward.