Stabilize Production with the C³ Partnership Program

No one can predict the future. But with bigger thinking, we can provide stability in an unstable market. When you place your wraps and adhesives orders with us, we will ship them out on time, in full and help you avoid supply chain bottlenecks. Control inventories, limit costs and manage time by forecasting orders and being a part of the C3 Partnership Program.

Cost-effective Planning

With unpredictable market fluctuations, reducing your costs can be challenging. We’ve included locked pricing for eight weeks as a benefit of the C3 Partnership Program to protect against price increases. And if the rate drops at the time of shipping, we’ll give you the lower price. It’s like winning twice!

To avoid unnecessary costs, the C3 Partnership Program also allows mixed loads and customized orders based on your production levels and storage limitations. And let’s not forget about the rewards — you’ll earn 1.5% on every dollar over $10,000 to spend on parts, spares, service and training. That winning streak just keeps going.

Gain Stability

Securing a constant, reliable supply begins with having the right amount of wraps and adhesives at the right time. With the C3 Partnership Program, your orders can be planned ahead up to eight weeks — we’ll collaborate on a schedule that works best for you.

To ensure maximum stability, simply provide us with some information, such as:
Daily/weekly bed production
How much inventory you currently have on hand
How much inventory you can hold on site
How much inventory you’d like to have as stock

We’ll take care of the rest by suggesting order quantities and delivery dates. Winning has never been so easy.

Ready to receive bigger benefits with the C3 Partnership Program? Reach out to us to begin moving forward.