C³ Celebrates Four Milestone Anniversaries

Along with celebrating 25 years of business this year, we are also celebrating some employee milestone anniversaries! We wrapped up our company meeting in June with desserts, gifts, and this surprise video. Take a look!

We celebrated three of our employees reaching their 5-year anniversaries this year – Mechanical Engineer Grant, Mechanical Engineer Zak, and Technical Services Leader Josh – as well as our Customer Service Manager Lois achieving 25 years with C³.


You’ve seen Grant before, sharing with us his love for waterskiing. Grant explained to us what working at C³ means to him: “I love working at C³ because of the community and people that work here. We work really well together. Being able to come down on the floor and talk with the shop team about what they did over the weekend and their different hobbies, or being able to grab drinks with coworkers after work makes it just a fun place to work.”

Joe remembers back when they were interviewing Grant, fresh out of college. “We had narrowed it down to three applicants. I can say with Grant we got the best of the three. Now, he’s taking on projects and becoming a leader. It’s nice to see people make that next step in life.” Grant’s recent accomplishments include becoming the Lead Mechanical Engineer for the Lamination engineering team and spearheading R&D projects with the LCN1000… and a new machine debuting in the second half of the year, stay tuned!



You may remember Zak as our animations guru or from our automated bedding line showcase. Zak echoes Grant’s thoughts on what it’s like to be an engineer at C³. “The biggest strength of the team is that we’re a family-oriented group. We’re good at what we do. We’re perfect, sorry!”

Joe appreciates Zak’s confidence: “Zak has his own personality. In 5 years, he’s become more of a project engineer. He has all the right properties for it. You never know who that next person to fall into those roles will be and I really look forward to the next 5 years or more with Zak.”

As Joe explains, Zak has quickly progressed through his role in mechanical engineering. He recently worked on a number of large manufacturing projects and installations which have helped him develop his skillset as an engineer, and learn to work with clients on these large projects.


Josh’s role at C³ involves a lot of customer contact. He’s involved with every project that comes through our facility, from large automation projects to a client’s first packaging machine. “Typically, I handle more of the communication with the customer. Scheduling, budgeting…a lot of it comes down to understanding the customer’s design needs and things like that.”

Joe explains that today, Josh is the head of all technical services at C³, “You can’t help but want to work with the guy because he always does the best he can to help you. He’s a good leader and he understands people. I think he’s the perfect person for that position and I couldn’t be prouder of what he’s doing.”

Josh leans on his education as a civil engineer to unite the engineering and service teams together towards creating great experiences for our clients. He is invaluable to have on the team, as his ability to connect manufacturing needs to the resources of our engineering team will guarantee projects are fulfilling our customers’ operational goals.


 Lois has been with C³ from the beginning. She serves as our customer service manager; you might remember seeing her with the rest of our support team here. “My goal,” she explains, “is first and foremost, to listen to our customers. They are my top priority. If we’re genuine, caring, and make them feel important, they know that what they’re doing is as critical to us as it is to them.”

Joe remembers how important Lois has been to the business since the beginning. “In the early days, we had to wear a lot of hats and do whatever it took. I think she’s held every position at least two or three times. I can’t imagine doing it any other way with any other person. She’s done a wonderful job and is perfect for us. It’s important to learn from the best; we thank Lois for that.”

Congratulations Lois, Grant, Zak, and Josh on achieving these milestones and thank you for everything you do for C³!