C³ Softball Team Clinches Victorious Season

Living in Wisconsin, summer must be enjoyed in full force. The three quick months of warmth before the deep freeze forces most of us out into the sunshine as much as possible. At C³, we knew we needed another excuse to get out and enjoy the summer heat, so we teamed up, and suited up, as the Bun Squeezers for a softball league.

“We all work hard together. We design machines, put them into the field; we do a lot of things together from a work aspect. It’s fun to get together and just relax a little bit, play some ball, and just get to know each other on a more personal level,” says Jordan, our left-handed shortstop and Account Manager.

Our trusty Mechanical Engineer, Zak, lead the team as Captain. He ensured all players were well-prepped, well-trained, and got the appropriate pre- and post-game pep talks. He’s a champion in our eyes and when we asked him to sum up the season in his own words and a few stats, we felt nothing but pride.

Bun Squeezers Season By the Numbers

Zak, will the Bun Squeezers be making an appearance next season?

“You’re darn right we will.”