C³’s Electrical Engineering Interns; Connecting Learning With Real Projects

While they may only be with us for a few months each year, our interns are a significant part of what we accomplish here at C³. That’s why it’s important to us to find students who are driven and passionate about their field – we can allow them to dive deep into what they’re learning while they help us enhance our designs.

Previously, we introduced you to our Mechanical Engineering Interns. Now, we’d like you to meet our Electrical Engineering interns and learn more about some of the projects they tackled this summer.

Meet Haden

School: UW-Platteville

Haden’s interest in electrical engineering began when he was young. His dad is also an electrical engineer and would let him help out with some of his projects. When looking for an internship, Haden was drawn to C³ because of the friendly atmosphere and the quality of work produced here. He first interned with us over the winter, and one of the reasons he wanted to return was the work environment. He explains, “I enjoy working and learning from the other engineers here. They make it easy to ask questions and get the information I need.”

One of Haden’s big projects this summer was working on a new user-friendly HMI feature for our machines. This new feature would allow operators to simply push a button that would auto-send an email alerting us of their need for remote support, as well as the details about the machine and the issues it’s having. Pretty cool!

Meet Leslie

School: Milwaukee School of Engineering

Leslie has always enjoyed learning about how and why things work. Electronics classes in high school gave her a chance to see how technology plays a role in that behind the scenes. Now at MSOE, she enjoys taking on the challenge of programming something to work. When it came time to look for an internship, C³ seemed like a perfect fit for her. She says, “After meeting C³ at a career fair, I walked away feeling like they were the company most excited about giving me real work in my field; work that would not only develop my skills but also help them to complete projects. I didn’t want an internship that would just be busy work that wouldn’t be used. That’s why I knew C³ was right for me.”

One of the things Leslie appreciates about the engineering team here is that they create an easy learning environment while keeping things fun. Any time something goes wrong, they take the time to explain to her not only what went wrong, but why and how to fix it. She reflects, “I have already learned so much about PLC programming, HMI displays, and how most of our machines work. It is really cool that I have been able to work on so many machines already and learn from multiple different engineers who all have different tips and tricks for making things run smoothly.”

Meet Addison

School: Michigan Technological University

A self-proclaimed STEM fan, topics like math and physics have interested Addison throughout his life, but he’s always had a particularly strong interest in anything electric. He describes, “Learning how the fundamental concepts in those areas apply to the real world has given me a greater appreciation of how the world works , especially in today’s modernized, ‘electrified’ society.” When looking for an electrical engineering internship, he says his first interview gave him a great impression of the company. He says, “It was obvious that everyone working here wanted to be here and brought something with them to the job every day that made a difference.”

Addison’s experience here this summer has helped him gain a better appreciation for the complexity of the work engineers often do. He explains, “I’ve worked on many smaller projects, from creating new HMI screens to making small PLC code changes, as well as a few larger projects such as a possible new control method for the compression equipment heat seal bars, plus a data collection and analysis program for hydraulic diagnostics.” While projects often move quickly here, Addison appreciates the confidence the engineering team has. “The engineers at C³ are very knowledgeable about their particular fields. I like how everyone manages to stay calm and collected even in the face of big challenges.”

So, what do you think – are you looking for an internship where your work will have a real impact? Apply today! We’re currently accepting applications for next summer’s internships.