Lending a Hand: Freedom High School Parts Donations

This is a post from our Marketing Intern, Ethan! 

C³ is constantly striving for better solutions and it doesn’t stop with our products. We look for opportunities to best give back to the community we work in. We recently donated numerous types of bolts and fasteners to Freedom High School this summer. The parts will be used in various shop, construction, and technology classes.

Mr. Jay Abitz, the Tech Ed teacher who accepted the donations shared, “It is a burden off our budget because these are not cheap fasteners and bolts. We truly appreciate the donation and it will take years to use this all.”

Encouraging Course Exploration

Some students know what they want to be when they leave high school and others don’t; either one is okay. These courses allow students to begin exploring occupations and the skills they excel at. The school offers these courses to add depth to the curriculum by providing students the opportunity to pick classes that meet their interests and needs. The students benefit through the applicable projects and first-hand experience. This is why we thought donating these parts would benefit them and the work they’re doing.

These days students want to be independent. They want to choose their own path. Students can decide what skills they have and maybe discover something they didn’t even know they liked or were good at. These courses offer such a wide range of possibilities that a student can learn about and maybe work for us in the future.

Donation Benefits Students’ Skill Sets

These bolts and fasteners will be used frequently throughout the 2018-2019 school year in the following courses: metals, woods, and machining from freshman to seniors. Freedom High School offers their students more than just the basic classes. Today’s world demands more from students and these courses will challenge students with career-applicable, hands-on projects.

The donation of these parts is a great investment, and we believe students will have a better opportunity to work with exciting hands-on projects. This donation will foster connections to real-world situations and increase learner engagement. When students make connections between the concepts in the classroom and real life situations, they are challenged. This allows students to use multiple parts of the brain, which helps new knowledge transfer into long term memory.

Mr. Abitz uses this style of teaching and learning to foster the growth of critical thinking and problem solving skills – skills that many employers say they view as high priorities in new hires. Another perk is that it makes both teaching and learning fun again.

Sharing our C³ Culture

Mr. Abitz concluded, “C³ Corporation is a well represented company in the Fox Valley and they are still growing. We thank them for the generous donation and we look forward to a continued partnership.”

As you can tell, there are so many reasons that this is the best choice for the use of the donation. Everyone can benefit from these parts being used at Freedom High School for years to come, but most importantly this donation will bring satisfaction, pride and accomplishment. The parents will be overjoyed at the accomplishments of their children, and we look forward to seeing what Mr. Abitz and his students put together. The high school will receive praise and will continue to have support from our company.