Mattress Sales Rise During Summer Holidays

Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day – for most people, summer holidays are synonymous with vacations, cookouts, and some well-needed rest and relaxation. However, for retailers and manufacturers in the mattress industry, the work is just beginning. According to WalletHub, 41.4% of Americans are “likely” to take advantage of Memorial Day weekend sales, and with discounts ranging from 60 to 70% off, it’s no small wonder that summer holidays mean huge business for most retailers. While trying to get ahead of the summer jump in sales, now is the time to assess the resource needs of your enterprise to ensure you have everything you need to fulfill the demands of the consumer. Now is the time to stock up on stretch & packaging film from C³.

But why is it so imperative to stock up on film and packaging products ahead of the summer holiday season? While the summer holiday boost in retail sales may not be exclusive to the mattress industry, the uniqueness lies in the volume of product moved. USA Today asked Puneet Manchanda, a Professor of Marketing at the University of Michigan, about the spike in sales: “If you look at the up and down trend of sales throughout the year, people are exhausted shopping-wise after Christmas and New Year’s, and this is the next big three day weekend since then.” Given that high-ticket items like mattresses are rarely impulse purchases, this extended purchasing down-time coupled with can’t-miss deals combines to create an atmosphere tailor-made for selling mattresses.

Other factors play into the spike in mattress sales around this time of year. Summer is the busiest season for moving, and for individuals and families, a new space often demands a new mattress. For the frugally-minded shopper, the chance to purchase a high-ticket item at a significant discount as retailers blowout last year’s models is too good to pass up. Whatever the personal reasoning behind a consumer’s decision, being prepared to accept and fulfill that order means being prepared with all of the resources your business needs. At C³, we offer the best-performing poly and stretch wrap on the market, guaranteed to keep your product safe and your consumer happy from your doorstep to theirs. Learn more about what our stretch film offers, and how your business benefits from your purchase with our C³ Partnership Program.