See You at Interzum 2019 – Watch the CF1396 Run Live!

Our team is excited to head back to Cologne, Germany for Interzum 2019! We have engineers and account managers packing their bags to be onsite at the show to talk all things packaging, lamination, and assembly with you.

A big part of why we love presenting at Interzum is because of the innovation that permeates through the halls. You’ll be busy seeing the new improvements and technologies emerging for the furniture industry. We’ll be ready to meet you once you’ve taken it all in and talk about how to implement what you’re seeing into your operations.

You’ll find us in Hall 10 at booth H-002. We’ll be hard to miss, as we’ll have our bright blue compression packaging machine running right when you enter the hall. This machine is our most well-known, revolutionizing how you package your mattress products. With many new innovations since it made an appearance at Interzum 2017, you’ll want to stop by to see how this machine uses compression to roll package a mattress for e-commerce and retail.

C³ engineers considered the following when designing and manufacturing the CF1396:

  • Don’t slow production
  • Package the product without damage
  • Produce a final package that’s easy to handle and ship
  • Keep packaging material use to a minimum

There are more factors, of course, but these four are key in the efficiency and value of the CF1396. Here’s just a peek at what we’ve done with the CF to accommodate the first two conditions and what we’ll be featuring at the show.

Don’t Slow Production

When looking to install a packaging machine, we’re pretty sure you don’t want it to bottleneck product from getting out the door. That’s the obvious part. You also want to make sure your forecasted or goal production levels can be accommodated with your packaging machine, which is sometimes less obvious.

C³’s compression packaging system, the CF1396, runs at a production capacity of approximately two mattresses a minute. Throughput is always product dependent, but at this rate, you can scale your operations quite a bit throughout the line before the packaging machine ever becomes your bottleneck.

A few machine components also add to the efficiency of this system. The design is an in-line, pass-through system, meaning the package enters and exits from different points of the machine so there’s no “waiting” for a product to finish packaging. The press stays in a lowered position so it doesn’t reset every time, and the film automatically seals and resets itself.

Need even MORE efficiency? Ask about our variable roll cages that package different SKUs without interruption, or the ergonomic benefits of packaging equipment that keeps your people healthy and in step with production rates.

Package the Product Without Damage

There are two main areas of the machine where damage could take place: the press and roll cage. With the press, our designs feature four-corner control. At each corner of the press, there is a separate hydraulic unit holding it in balance. This ensures even compression across the product and protects the machine from damage due to an uneven press.

Learn more about our compression equipment’s press:

The roll cage provides another layer of compression while rolling the product into its final dimensions. Our roll cage is designed to roll the product in a fixed dimension. This forces the product to roll naturally in on itself, rather than forcing it to a dimension and expanding later. By doing so, it protects the nose of the product from over-compression and damage and reduces the stress on the package in the roll cage.

We are excited to show you more about our CF1396 LIVE at Interzum! These are only a few of the incredible features you’ll see in our system. All our machines are engineered with a product-first mentality to make sure we design around your end product and packaging goals. Not interrupting production and protecting a product from damage are two of those goals we’ve reached with the CF1396. Stop by our booth to see more and learn how to revolutionize your packaging!

Can we meet you there? Tell us when you’ll swing by.