Welcome To C³’s New Facility!

Over the summer we busted at the seams… Despite an addition in 2017, we still needed more space for parts, consumables, and finished machines for storage. We found the perfect location to make our warehousing dreams come true.

Our new location, just 10 miles west of our main facility in Appleton, gives us space to expand our warehousing operations. Not only does it provide a staging area for our machine sub-assemblies, but it also increased space to inventory parts, film, and other consumables.

This is one of the main benefits customers will realize from this addition. Joe R, our Controller, explains what the new facility provides C³ and how Shipping and Receiving will improve with it:

“Having inventory on hand allows us to get customers anything they need on a truck and delivered to them quickly. This improvement will help our customers manage their consumables and parts inventories and have a resource for when unexpected needs pop up,” explains Joe.

Keeping on-hand film inventory was top priority when moving into the new facility. C³ made investments to increase the amount of available film products to provide faster order fulfillment for film customers. This is an ongoing effort to expand and improve the C³ film products and consumables program.

The new facility dramatically improved the flow of operations, quickening assembly production and providing for a more organized manufacturing floor. Upon the allocation, the set up of the facility was overseen by Tanner V. as a special project. With the new space, C³ also hired a new Shipping and Receiving Associate to help the team manage inventory in and out of this facility.

To learn more about C³’s film program or about the Lynndale facility, contact C³ at 920-749-9944.