Meet Tanner, C³’s New Film Sales Rep

We’re happy to introduce you to our newest member of the Business Development team, Tanner! Tanner’s role is to service C³’s clients as an inside sales representative, focusing on film sales.

As Tanner explains it, his job is to be involved in anything related to film. “Whether it’s processing orders, taking care of inventory, servicing issues, startups on our floor; any part of the business that has the word film in it, I’m involved with it.”

“My responsibility within the team is to ensure the customer has security when it comes to film. My worst nightmare is the thought of a customer’s line shutting down due to a film issue.”

Tanner has previously worked in various internship roles at C³, including in assembly, operations, accounting & finance, and setting up the Lynndale warehouse facility when it opened in June of 2018. This winter, Tanner was ready to take on more. “Throughout my time at C³ while earning my business management degree, I was intrigued by opportunities where I could be on the front lines of business growth. When I spoke with the leaders at C³, there was an opportunity to grow the film department. The chance to work with our customer’s in this capacity was a no-brainer for me.”

Because of his experience working in other areas of C³, Tanner brings a wealth of confidence in C³ products to our customers. “We know our machines inside and out and we’re experts on every part of the machine, including our film. We’ve done extensive research on thousands of beds with different films, so we know what works. When I talk to customers, I always tell them they can trust the products C³ recommends.”

What was it that made Tanner continue to seek out new ventures at C³? “The opportunities that C³ provides are endless. The thing that excites me the most is that no two days are the same. On top of that, the culture of collaboration and ingenuity is represented at all levels. When you walk into the building, everybody here is sharing one common goal, and that’s to grow and make the organization better.”

Are you attending Interzum this year? Be sure to stop by our booth and say hello to Tanner!

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