Enhance Performance with C³ Wraps and Adhesives

As our consumables account manager, Sean Brandenburg knows how you run depends on what you run. While an advanced machine can certainly increase speed and efficiency, using the right wraps and adhesives for your machine allows you to maintain high throughput levels.

Man with arms crossed
Sean Brandenburg

“I’m focused on helping customers increase their profitability when they use our wraps and adhesives,” Brandenburg said. “We can guarantee the best performance.” 

Amidst his other duties, Brandenburg immerses himself in processing wraps and adhesives orders. This provides him with the insights needed to adjust operations and build customer relationships.

“At C³, we ensure same-day shipping OTIF, even for just-in-time rush orders,” Brandenburg said. “Our products are engineered and tested with specific uses in mind, resulting in optimized performance.”

For example, bigger thinking led us to reimagine the hot melt bridge unit — more filtering, less charring and faster belt speed — to increase performance by 5X. When wraps and adhesives work in unison with the machine, production and assembly move quicker to get orders out the door as soon as possible.

With a mindset of always looking ahead, enhancements on machines like the trifold add-on allows us to produce a smaller size resulting in less packaging material and costs. Best of all, paper wrap can be used to replace stretch wrap for a more environmentally friendly option.

“I believe there’s a great future in paper,” Brandenburg said. “It is easily recyclable and has the potential to decrease our customers’ overall packaging costs. Bringing a sustainable product into a marketplace dominated by plastic is thrilling.”

As the mattress industry continues to evolve, innovating better ideas and helping our customers think differently to enhance performance is what gives us momentum. Our wraps and adhesives will keep you cranking at impressive throughputs without the hiccups and horrific downtime caused by products that can’t keep the pace.

Ready to step up your performance game? Reach out to us or contact your account manager to start a conversation.