Our Mission Statement

To engineer systems that produce better products for consumers.

Our Vision Statement

We seek to use technology to engineer solutions for manufacturers .

The C3 Story

Driven by a passion to automate, evolve and advance manufacturing, C3 was formed in 1994. C3 progressed from integration to machinery and information systems. This expansion provided C3 an advantage in providing manufacturing perspectives and solutions. As an original equipment manufacturer, C3 understands systems.

“I knew there was something missing in the industry. A lot of times when I looked around manufacturing facilities, I saw people doing the bare minimum. They’re not being creative, they’re not trying to help, they’re not trying to understand. It’s really not about us, it’s about the customer.” – Joe Van De Hey, Founder & CEO


What sets C3 Corporation apart from other original equipment manufacturers is our unique understanding of systems. Manufacturing lines are composed of many different pieces of equipment to create a product. We can not only provide that equipment, but also tie the machinery together to make it all communicate and collect data to develop smart manufacturing production lines.

Integrating systems in poly urethane

C3 was founded by Joe Van De Hey and Marv Wall. Two visionary leaders who believe in seeing creativity applied to manufacturing.

Joe Van De Hey

Joe Van De Hey

CEO / Founder

President, CEO and Founder of C3 Corporation, Joe Van De Hey is the first person to tell you titles mean nothing in his company. “It is the relationships with employees, clients and vendor partners that are foundational to everything we do,” he says. He believes that the size of the company doesn’t matter as much as the heart. It is those heart and soul relationships that make C3 successful in a wide spectrum of projects and in a variety of industries. Joe is constantly gathering feedback and data with every customer and employee to always advance and evolve. Joe is proud of the industry partnerships he has built over the years and thankful that he can count many of his business partners as friends.

O: 920.749.9944 x205 · joev@c3ingenuity.com · LinkedIn Profile
Marv Wall

Marv Wall


As the CFO at C3, Marv uses his expertise in finance to help clients increase profitability and realize their goals. On any new project, clients trust Marv to analyze the financial environment and use forward-thinking to manage costs and create desired outcomes. His IT knowledge and expertise makes him the go-to guy whenever a software or network issue arises. One of the best aspects of his work at C3 is interacting with people. He finds the most satisfaction when creating solutions that work for clients and helping employees meet their personal goals.

O: 920.749.9944 x206 · marvw@c3ingenuity.com · LinkedIn Profile

Meet Our Team

We’re proud of our culture of collaboration and hard work. Our team rises to the challenges of our clients and the market to develop solutions. We have a group of passionate engineers behind the designs of our equipment and systems. The hands of our assembly staff build our equipment. Our front-office group supports our customers. Meet Jeff, one of our Mechanical Engineers, who helps paint a picture of what it’s like inside C3.