C3 is an engineering firm that designs and builds manufacturing equipment. We’re a part of one of the most disruptive industries the past few years, foam and mattress manufacturing. The equipment we manufacture has aided in propelling mattress sales in the ecommerce market. It’s technology that has directly impacted multiple levels of the supply chain, from foam pouring to final mattress packaging for retail.

Regardless of what we’re working on, one thing that remains steadfast is our commitment to our client’s product. We design equipment that allows our customers to produce their best final package.

Roll packing and compression machinery for the mattress industry

“We never look at something and say ‘It’s good enough the way it is.’  It’s continuing to advance that design, continuing to evolve…the same way we do with the people that work at C3 and the designs themselves. It’s always getting better, we’re always taking one more step further,” Josh Vande Hey, Project Manager

The positions we’re looking to fill aren’t empty seats, but new opportunities. Our team needs extra bandwidth to push projects through and address special assemblies. We all like normal work hours and weekends off, so we want more brains doing better work instead of burning out our current team.

Here’s a glimpse at the growth we’ve been experiencing. 



We believe that everything is made to evolve and advance, from our designs to our employees. Our customers rely on our creative team to solve their manufacturing problems. We hire people who are innovative, self-driven, and seek the challenge.

When faced with new projects, we ask ourselves, “How can we make this better?” As a C3 employee, you have the ability to make an impact through your projects and within the organization each and every day.

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“We try to match skills, capabilities and where you’re strong with the roles that need those strengths,” Jon Dietz, Leader of Operations

Experience Our Culture

All our projects are worked on in teams and we move through challenges together. We’re challenged every day; it’s our focus on delivering the best product to our customers that pulls us through successfully.

“It’s so important that we find the right people to match our family here. It’s a family atmosphere, it’s fun, and we look out for each other…you’re not a number,” Joe Van De Hey, CEO and Founder 

It is those heart and soul relationships that make Csuccessful and fuel our work. It’s also what keeps us playful, we’re not afraid to have fun.

C3 Hires Passionate People

Yes – our team is extremely talented at what they do for their careers. We hire skilled craftsman, proven leaders, and people committed to continuous improvement of both their work and themselves. But that isn’t all that we care about, we also want to hire people passionate about LIFE!

We believe living out your passion outside of work refuels you to give your all when you’re here. We have water skiers, sportsmen, skiers, mountain bikers, race car drivers, and others within our walls that give our culture some fun diversity and something to talk about besides work. Yes, skill and craft are important, but so is a healthy dose of FUN!


  • Work within a collaborative team developing unique systems for manufacturing.
  • Experience a growing organization with entrepreneurial-like opportunities.
  • Work in a clean, modern environment both in the office and on the manufacturing floor.
  • 401K retirement plan with discretionary bonuses.
  • Attractive vacation package with generous company paid holidays.
  • Competitive health insurance, and (paid) long-term disability coverage.
  • Fun environment with regular office/family outings.
  • Company paid training programs to stay up on latest and greatest technology.
  • Laptops, cell phones, clothing, and other perks based on company position.
c3 automation implementation

Resources for Applying

Are you ready for an exciting new career? Here are resources to help your application make it to the top of our pile and prepare for an interview: