Hiring on Passions: Mechanical Assembly and Racing

Everyone hopes to find work doing something they love. For Wyatt, one of our Mechanical Assemblers, he always knew that meant he’d want to build, fix, and improve things in a mechanical environment. Wyatt tells us, “My dad raced for about 20 years and I was always out in the garage helping him work on a race car making it the best or trying to make it better than it was before. I think that just drew me both into racing and a mechanical career.”

Wyatt grew up very involved in racing whether it was helping his father work on cars or in the pit crew during a race, but it took Wyatt a while to begin racing for himself. He eventually got started with snocross, then enduro racing, and it wasn’t long after that that he was ready to make his cars bigger and better. One of the major components of racing – at least for Wyatt and his family – is working on the cars themselves. Performing well in a race is one thing, but putting in the work between races to improve the car’s performance is a whole other level of pride and satisfaction.

Hear from Wyatt how he’s worked to combine his passion for racing and mechanics into his career at C³:

Wyatt believes this attitude of taking pride in his work not only helps him as a racer but also in his career here at C³. Like Wyatt, C³ holds a high standard for the performance of our machines. This drive for perfectionism fuels Wyatt both in the shop and on the track. He draws similarities between his pre-race inspection and before we ship a machine to a customer: “Working on cars and working on machines is the same in my opinion. We want our machines to pump out the best product and the best result possible. You have to make sure your machines are running within certain tolerances, that there are no issues and it’s running properly. It’s no different from a race car.”

Another key similarity between Wyatt’s work and his hobby is that both require elements of teamwork and communication. “Whether you’re building or racing your race car, you have to have the respect of your crew and fellow racers. You have to be able to communicate and enjoy the sport with others.” Wyatt says that while the projects he works on at C³ may change, the need to communicate while having fun with the work stays the same. Assemblers work closely with electricians and engineers and they are an important part of giving feedback to the engineering team on our designs. They also are frequently a part of the installation process, which requires communicating with our customers about their expectations and needs.

What drew Wyatt to C³ in the first place? “The challenge of it,” he says. “Sometimes we’re building a big block compression machine or even an entire line for a customer and we have to make sure that all the machines are working together to turn out the best product. It’s fascinating work. You’re never going to do the same thing every single day.” He also appreciates that C³ respects his time outside of work, meaning he can participate in races across the state throughout the year.

By fostering this work-life balance, we hope every one of our employees comes in each day fired up – it makes for more colorful conversations and more unique insights in every department. Of course, it also helps to work with a fun team on the shop floor. Like Wyatt says, “If you don’t have the enjoyment, what’s the point of doing it?”

Does a mechanical career in a passion-fueled manufacturing environment sound like what you’re looking for? Do you have a passion that fuels your ingenuity? Tell us about it! We’re currently looking to add to our mechanical team, so apply today.