C³’s Mechanical Engineering Interns: Applying Skills, Improving Designs

We’ve just wrapped up another great summer with a talented crew of eight interns working full time in areas like mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, operations, and marketing. Some of our interns have worked here in the past, but for many, this is their first experience in their fields. Previously, you heard from some of them about what they gained from their internships here. Now, we’d like to introduce you to our interns and highlight all their experiences here, starting with our mechanical engineering interns – Scott, Henry, and Josh – as well as Ben, who is interning in a mechanical engineering and operations role.

Meet Scott

School: UW-Platteville

Scott’s first exposure to mechanical engineering was through his brother, who works in the field. He eventually decided he wanted to focus on automation, which is what first drew him to C³. What keeps Scott coming back (for his third summer now) is the work environment here. He explains, “It’s better than I ever could have imagined. The fact that it feels like one big family is incredible. It’s very refreshing to work somewhere that people all get along and work toward a common goal. It’s also great that we all get along outside of work as well.”

One thing about Scott that makes him a great fit for C³’s engineering culture is his drive for ingenuity. “I like to spend a lot of my free time at home working on my own projects, looking for ways to make something better than it currently is.” The engineering team here makes it easy for him to ask questions and learn, helping him to continually improve his designs and ideas.

Meet Henry

School: Milwaukee School of Engineering

Like many future engineers, Henry’s interest in mechanical engineering grew from his interest in problem-solving. Although he was first drawn to C³ because of the proximity to his hometown, once he spoke more with our team at a career fair, our focus and culture are what stood out to him most. He reflects, “After talking with Tiffany and Zak, I was intrigued by the idea of designing compression machines. One thing that stood out about C³ was that they take good care of their employees. I am impressed by the environment here.”

Henry says the engineering team here is very supportive and the work has been rewarding. He explains, “Coming in, I expected the stereotypical internship where you organize files and do menial tasks all summer, but I have actually done a lot of different things so far. I worked on a project that required flipping the Boxline attachment on the CF1396 so that packaged mattresses exited on the left instead of the right. Now, I am modifying parts and concepting completely new machines. So far, my experiences at C³ are better than I expected.”

Meet Josh

School: UW-Platteville

Josh has always enjoyed science and math. Knowing that mechanical engineering is a broad discipline, he was sure he would be able to find a niche in the field that interested him. Designing manufacturing equipment would be a dream job for him, and lucky for Josh, that’s exactly what we do. While he wasn’t sure what to expect here, one thing’s for certain: it’s a fun place to work! He says, “Everyone is very helpful and understanding that I’m just starting out and still learning the ropes. And while the constant bombardment of food like popcorn and birthday treats is delicious, my favorite part is working out on the shop floor where you’ll hear everyone interacting and having a good time while they work.”

Josh also appreciates that the projects are very hands-on, noting his work on a project of updating the LCN1000 model by adding a traversing coater.

Oh, and there’s one more thing he’s proud of so far: “I have also nearly perfected the unique craft of mattress lifting and carrying.”

Meet Ben

School: University of Minnesota – Twin Cities

Ben has always been curious about how things work and how to improve them. After taking an engineering course in high school, he knew mechanical engineering would be a fulfilling career path for him. When looking for an internship, Ben tells us, “C³ was appealing to me because I knew they would treat me as a valued employee, not ‘just an intern.’ I feel like I’m really getting into the thick of some of my work and making a real impact on the company. My mentor also meets with me every few weeks to discuss the position and if there are any changes I’d like to see.”

Last year, Ben worked mainly as an operations intern, but with a new summer came new experiences. Ben says, “I have the unique opportunity to work with both our procurement and engineering teams. This gives me a better understanding of project workflow, from the initial quote to the final installation. I’ve been working with both teams to follow a project through the assembly process and help make it more efficient.” It’s a job he doesn’t take lightly, and it helps to be surrounded by others who are also passionate about their careers. “I love the friendly atmosphere. There’s great camaraderie between the employees, and you can tell that each individual takes pride in their work,” he concludes.

It’s important to us at C³ to provide a give-and-take opportunity for our interns. We hope to add value to them by giving them real-world experience while they also add value to us, not only through the projects they do but by adding to our culture. It’s safe to say we’re excited about the progress we’ve made together this summer.

Are you interested in joining C³ next summer for your mechanical engineering internship? Check out what we’re looking for and apply today!