• Work hands-on in building manufacturing equipment from start to finish.
  • Join a cross-functional team of electricians and engineers.
  • Gain experience in a forward thinking automation and engineering company.
  • Bring value to your work with early responsibility and feedback loops on start-up enhancements.

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“Everybody comes together as a team. When we’re trying to solve a problem no one points fingers, we all just strive to produce the best equipment out there.” – Grant, Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Assemblers build our equipment. 

We are an engineering firm designing and manufacturing equipment for the foam and mattress industry.

This industry has been one of the most disruptive industries as of late. With the development of roll cage technology, our equipment can package large blocks of foam or mattresses into small, easy to ship and handle packages. We’re one of few OEM’s making this equipment, and it’s propelled the furniture and mattress industry into e-commerce marketplaces.

Day in the Life of a Mechanical Assembler

Mechanical Assemblers are responsible for constructing our machinery once designs are released from engineering and the parts arrive. They work off of CAD drawings and build our machines from start to finish.

They’re experts in:

  • Reading and executing CAD drawings from Solidworks.
  • Using power tools, tapping holes, welding, driving a fork lift and other mechanical modifications.
  • Communicating design feedback to engineering and collaborating on projects with the mechanical team.
  • Manage detailed documentation and modifications.

Sometimes, we need our Mechanical Assemblers to join us on an installation. If you like to travel, this will be a win-win for both of us.

Don’t have direct experience in all of these areas? We’re willing to train the right person – someone with transferable skills and enthusiasm in the face of a new challenge.

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What It’s Like to Work at C3

Our team and space doubled in the past two years. Through this, we’ve maintained our strong culture and value on hard work. We’re proud of our facility and equipment, void of dark workspaces and dirty production floors. We’ve got finesse:

c3 manufacturing floor

Our facility is clean and bright, a reflection of our machinery when it’s showcased to customers.

The Mechanical Assemblers work in the main production floor alongside our Electricians. They share their own break and lunch room. The floor is known for it’s rad music you can hear in the afternoons.

Roll With C3

We’re looking forward to meeting someone ready to jump-start their interest in manufacturing with a company that values their contribution. Someone who feels a sense of pride when they finish a project. We want to hire someone who’ll take responsibility to get a job done right. Someone who’ll stay until the last scuff is buffed from the finish.

If this is you, introduce yourself. Show us why you’re a good fit for our team at C3. If a resume and cover letter tell your story, send them. We’d love to see something cool you’ve built or worked on, too.