C3 is an engineering firm that designs and builds manufacturing equipment.

If you’ve recently bought a bed for school and it came to you rolled in a box, it’s likely the machine that packaged it was built by C3. This is one of the most disruptive industries – foam and mattress manufacturing. Our technology impacts multiple levels of its supply chain, from foam pouring to final mattress and bedding packaging for retail.

Our interns work as extra hands on our team. You’re assigned projects that you’ll see to fruition by the end of your internship. They have clear objectives and results you can show off on your resume.

Are you ready to take your skills beyond the classroom?

Gain the experience you need.

C3‘s internship program is designed to give interns real experience they can showcase on their resume. You chose your career path because you’re passionate about it…we’ll help you live that passion out.

Ive helped start up different machines on the floor, which allowed me to get familiar with the tangible, end product. In general though, I enjoy the design side more and am happy to have been able to spend much of my time working with PLC ladder logic, HMI design, and control panel layout and schematics.,” – Ben, Electrical Engineering Intern

You can expect:

  • Project based work assignments
  • Multi-department exposure
  • Dedicated mentors to guide you on projects
  • Fun, creative work culture

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Electrical Engineering Internship

As an Electrical Engineering Intern at C3, you’ll be assigned projects to develop and enhance our equipment designs. Past projects included updating HMI screens and improving communications between multiple machines in a system. We asses your strengths, interests, and our needs to find assignments that will work best for both of us.

Our Electrical Engineering team is highly motivated, curious about automations and easily excited over programming. They are innovators, tackling challenges head-on and living to tell the tale.

We’re no longer accepting applications for Summer 2019.

Mechanical Engineering Internship

Mechanical Engineering Interns have their pencils and wrenches ready. They’re often found detailing mechanical drawings or serving as liaisons between the shop and engineers. They love figuring out how to make things work, and then make them work better.

Our Mechanical Engineers enjoy seeing a project through from start to finish. They don’t back down from problems that arise during assembly and are often running out into the shop to help. They are perfectionists with their designs and see their work as art.

We’re no longer accepting applications for Summer 2019.

“The pressure to perform at a higher level, that kind of challenge, it’s not something you get at school. You’re in class, you know what your expectations are, it’s very different here,” Braden, Electrical Engineer 

Operations Internship – Full for Summer 2019

It takes a lot of hands to make a business operate smoothly. Our Operations Intern assists our Shipping and Receiving Lead in order organization and analysis that impacts efficiencies on the shop floor, customer service and vendor relations. This position is excellent if you’re looking to get a hands-on view of how a business operates and a OEM keeps its ducks in a row.

This position is ideal for Freshman or Sophomore students in electrical or mechanical engineering that are looking to gain experience in an engineering company. Operations interns enjoy working with a team, preparing and organizing parts and assembly kits, and interacting across departments to move us forward. Many Operations Interns with engineering studies return to work as engineering interns their Junior and Senior years.

operations intern

Resources for Applying

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