Meet The Hands That Build C³ Equipment

C³ is an engineering company that designs and manufactures equipment. That means we have a bunch of engineers on site and also a bunch of operations team members. While engineering is responsible for the design of a machine, operations brings the machine to life. Mechanics and electricians together allow us to design, manufacture, and install our machinery.

With both teams under one roof, we’re able to control the manufacturing process from start to finish. Lead engineers on a machine watch their designs assemble before their eyes, while the operations team can easily work with an engineer to troubleshoot or enhance a machine.

How Operations Impacts C³

“If engineering is the brains of our organization, then I like to think that operations is the brawn,” says Brady, C³’s Operations Lead.

Our operations team consists of mechanical assemblers and electricians. They receive in parts and then set to work to build our equipment. Hear it straight from them on what it’s like to be on the operations team and how they impact our service to customers:

“Our operations team is unique in their dedication to customer service and their broad range of backgrounds that everyone brings to our team. Combining all those different skillsets together allows us to brainstorm different ways of doing things,” Brady explains.

First, engineers release machine designs to operations, including a mechanical build and wiring drawing. The mechanical assembly team starts the manufacturing process by assembling parts to build the structure and mechanical function. Then, electricians come in to wire the machine so it’s ready for start up. Engineers sit for testing on the finished machine before the customer comes in for approval. Upon approval, electricians are called in again to go onsite with a customer and assist in start up. Startup at the customer’s location includes light assembly and wiring the machine, then ensuring it’s running smoothly prior to completing the job.

“I take immense pride in my work. I want to make sure my job is done as right as possible and as correct as I can,” says John, an Electrician.

Culture & Skill of C³ Operations

One thing we attribute to the success of our business is the variety of skills everyone brings with them. With different backgrounds and experience levels, together the operations team has craftsmanship superpowers that can tackle challenges. Brady explains, “The strengths of the team really shine in critical situations where we’re under the gun and there’s a lot of pressure to get projects done on time.”

Of course, there’s room for some fun, too. The team is known for having great taste in music and a sense of humor. If you’re ever onsite, we’re sure you’ll notice. Wyatt, a Mechanical Assembler, shares, “Working on the mechanical team is enjoyable because everyone is a lot of fun. We all get along really well. It’s fun coming to work!”

We’re proud of the team and the machines they manufacture. Adding manufacturing to the business gives C³ a unique edge in the market and complete control of the quality and functionality of our machines.

Learn more about the machinery the C³ Operations team builds. Next time you’re in for a visit, be sure to shake the hands of the crew that will build your next machine.