The 3 Key Benefits of Paper Wrap

Concerns about environmental impact and convenience of boxed beds have been rising in popularity throughout the industry for years. We noticed and immediately began developing configurations for our mattress compression machines, leading us to produce paper wrap, an eco-friendly mattress packaging option.

Paper Wrap Consumable

Here’s why you should consider paper wrap for your compression machine.

1. Reduced Plastic

When it comes to shipping, the biggest consumer complaint we hear is all the plastic they receive when unboxing a bed.

To overcome this, we got to work to find a solution. Enter: paper wrap. This replacement for stretch wrap will reduce plastic material by 33%! Yes, that means there is still some plastic (and trust us, we’re working on finding ways to eliminate plastic completely) but this is definitely a step in the right direction.

2. Consumer Demand

Imagine a consumer unboxing one of your beds wrapped in paper, they immediately and tactilely experience a quality statement about your brand. That encounter has now elevated your brand’s perception and equity.

We observed the shifting market in boxed beds even before home delivery surged due to the events of 2020. Consumers want simplified and convenient purchasing and receiving options; along with less plastic, the push for boxed beds is building.

Environmental impact and consumer purchasing preferences are very likely to continue. We project boxed mattresses will exceed 50% of the market within the next two to three years. If our projection becomes reality, we want to sleep easy (pun intended) knowing our compression machines package the mattresses in environmentally friendly material.

3. Financial Advantage

Historically, paper has been more stable compared to plastic. With all the ups and downs in pricing of polymer-based products, paper wrap will come out on top providing you with long-term financial advantage. 

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The C³ paper-wrap solution uses patent-pending technology. © 2021 C³ Corporation