4 Reasons You Need the Trifold Add-on

As mattress-in-a-box (MIB) sales soar, we discovered a need to enhance the convenience of transporting beds from factory to bedroom. This led us to develop the trifold add-on for our CF1396 compression machine, which folds compressed mattresses in thirds rather than in half. The results we’ve seen of the trifold add-on have pushed the boundaries of transportation efficiency. 

Reason #1: Greater Pallet Density

The typical MIB is folded in half and is 16×42 inches in size. While this seems impressive, it inspired the C3 engineers to ask the bold question — can we help the market by reducing it even further? Yes, we can, by folding a mattress in thirds. The trifold reduces the height by 12 inches, giving us a 16×30 packaging size.  

This smaller size allows for a greater pallet density, which means better storage capabilities with pallet racking and increased load options on trucks. With proper cubing, our partners have been able to fit more than 500 mattresses in one truckload and reduce their carbon footprint by ~30%.  

Reason #2: Increased Distribution 

Improving and advancing the mattress industry also includes better ideas for retailers and consumers. The smaller size with our trifold allows for increased distribution — we can pack more beds on trucks, distribute more beds to stores and fit more beds on shelves. Greater options for facing lead to happy retailers, and consistently stocked shelves at big box stores lead to happy consumers.  

Reason #3: Reduced Costs

Increased distribution significantly cuts down shipping and inventory costs. The more beds we fit on trucks, the less trucks we send out for deliveries. Consumers who purchase MIBs from big box stores also have an easier time transporting from store to bedroom, which reduces the cost to deliver to their doorstep.  

Reason #4: Sustainable Packaging Options 

At C3, bigger thinking has led us to develop configurations on the trifold to include paper wrap as a replacement for stretch wrap, which reduces plastic material by 33%! Simply switch the stretch wrap with paper wrap on the roll cage for a more sustainable packaging option. 

Are you ready to boost performance and efficiency with the trifold add-on? Reach out to us today or contact your account manager to start the conversation.