How We Innovate the Mattress Industry

No one can answer a question that hasn’t been asked. No one can prepare for a future that hasn’t been pondered. Since our inception in 1994, our goal has always been to change this narrative. Getting ahead of tomorrow’s challenges starts with asking the bold questions of the future of the mattress industry and thinking big to find solutions. 

Bold Questions

What can make the mattress industry more efficient? More competitive? More unique? These are just some of the questions we ask ourselves every day. We’re all about preparing our customers for what lies ahead rather than just responding to what is or has been.  

This could not have been truer as we navigated the shift in environmental and sustainable trends over the last decade and the impact it will have on the mattress industry. Poly film and plastic have always been the standard materials to wrap mattresses due to their elasticity, but they are not sustainable. So, we asked ourselves: how can we wrap mattresses in a more sustainable way?  

We started developing configurations and relied on our strong company roots in the paper industry. This led to the production of paper wrap, an eco-friendly packaging option for the mattress industry.  

Big Solutions

Many of our solutions emerge from thinking bigger about simplifying the production process. As it turns out, the power of combination is unlike any other. 

With our ultra-compression roll cage as an expansion of our compression machines, mattress toppers and foam layers are folded, compressed and rolled into a retail ready-shelf package. This increases speed and convenience on the floor. The roll cage was introduced in 2018 and boxed mattresses are now taking the world by storm. 

Hot melt is the preferred adhesive in the mattress industry, but it can be a slow and complicated process. Spray methods on our lamination machines have increased speed and efficiency when working with the adhesive. Most hot melt belt speeds are 30–40 feet per minute, but our belt speeds are as fast as 200 feet per minute! Think about how much quicker you’ll be able to meet your goals. 

Better Ideas 

At C³, we are committed to enhancing your market position and operational performance. We want to challenge you to open your mind to possibilities and solutions that don’t even exist yet in the mattress industry. So, what’s next? Let’s figure that out together.  

Ready to make moves in the mattress industry? Reach out to us today or contact your sales rep to start the conversation.