Mattress-in-a-Box Sales to Grow in 2022

It’s easy for us to be excited about new innovations and fresh ideas in manufacturing. But at the end of the day, we know the purchasing decision is made by someone who just wants a good night’s sleep. We know it’s no longer viable for consumers to buy what mattress manufacturers make; mattress manufacturers must make what they want to buy and deliver it the way they want to get it. At C³, we’ve quickly transitioned from a manufacturing-driven industry to a market-driven industry and can help you stay ahead.   

Mattress Sales 

We discovered the COVID-19 pandemic transformed purchasing habits. Staying at home to work, eat and play became the new norm as people avoided public venues and limited their travel. This increased disposable income amounts, and home upgrades quickly grew to be the number one industry to spend it on.  

Mattress sales alone shot up by 7.5% in 2020. The first three quarters of 2021 saw a slight drop in sales by an average of 2.3%, mainly due to employee and material shortages. But according to a KeyBanc report*, the average 2021 dollars as of the end of the third quarter surpassed 15%. The consumer demand for mattresses continues to grow; currently, we have solutions to simplify and automate processes to meet these goals faster and more efficiently. 

Mattress-in-a-Box Purchases 

Consumers seem to be avoiding traditional transport and delivery logistics. No longer are they tying mattresses to the roofs of their cars. Instead, consumers are purchasing online and frequenting one-stop retail locations.  

According to The Fam News and the Nationwide Marketing Group, the majority of 2,000 consumers surveyed said they will not even test out the next mattress they buy. They are just as happy purchasing online as they are buying in-store. Consumers want easy and convenient shipping and delivery options — it’s no wonder mattress-in-a-box sales surged. 

Looking Forward 

The future of the mattress industry is now. We anticipated the rise of mattress-in-a-box sales, and we expect those purchases to remain steady as we move into 2022. Online sales and one-stop retail stores are likely to maintain business as consumers are satisfied with this approach to purchasing. 

We also forecast more sustainable packaging and optimized logistics. The most frequent complaint we hear from mattress-in-a-box retailers is the amount of plastic waste wrapped around the mattress. How do we address this? What can make you more efficient and sustainable? We’ve got the answers. 

Struggling to stay on top of consumer demands for mattress sales? We can help — reach out or contact your account manager. 

*Thomas, B. B. (2021). Consumer: Consumer/Retail Hardlines Industry Update. KeyBanc Capital Markets. 2.