The Simplest Way to Reduce Poly Film Up to 25%

Sometimes the best outcomes stem from bold breakthrough innovations. Other times the biggest impacts originate from impressively simple ideas. The rotate add-on, our newest development, may not seem like a big idea when its only function is to turn a mattress 90 degrees. But the effect it has on maximizing efficiency and minimizing plastic poly film makes this a smarter way to run production. 

Rotate add-on minimizing poly film in action on a compression machine.

Minimize Plastic 

Traditionally, mattresses enter the compression machine with the head- or foot-side in first, resulting in excess poly film. After many intense brainstorm sessions, we discovered a basic but brilliant solution: simply rotate the mattress 90 degrees as it enters the machine. 

For example, a queen mattress would enter the machine with its 80-inch side in first. The poly film then covers only 60 inches of the mattress — a 25% plastic reduction! With this calculation, every bed uses less poly film.  

The rotate add-on is located after the tamp unit and pivots the mattress another 90 degrees, continuing on to fold as usual. For bigger plastic reduction benefits, use paper wrap when rolling the mattress into its final packaging state.  

Maximize Efficiency 

A 25% plastic reduction for a queen mattress increases the number of beds that can be packaged with one roll of film. This means that simply rotating the mattress can package 150 more queens for the same amount of poly film! 

Efficiency doesn’t stop there. With more beds per one roll of poly film, you can decrease the time spent shutting down the machines and changing the poly film rolls. Imagine completing this task three times a day rather than four. 

Increase Brand Perception 

Tidy packaging and less plastic waste are becoming increasingly important to consumers. We’ve heard the complaints of unwrapping mountains of excess plastic to get to the product. Reducing the amount can raise positive brand perceptions, especially when the consumers’ first interaction with your brand is the unboxing process. 

Rather than being overwhelmed by large amounts of packaging, consumers can retain their excitement as they unpack their new bed. After opening, their satisfaction continues as they clean up and throw away less plastic waste. We’re thrilled all of this is possible because of a simple 90-degree rotation.  

Move forward with the industry and step toward smarter innovations. Reach out to us today or contact your account manager to start the conversation.