Why We Live and Work in Appleton, WI

C³ Corporation is nestled in the heart of the Fox Valley in Appleton, WI. It’s a city with rich culture and a growing urban feel. A part of Northeast Wisconsin, we’re surrounded by a wide network of manufacturing companies responsible for many of the products we use every day. This makes it not only a great place to work, but also to live!

Most know the Fox Cities is a good place to raise a family, but there’s more to our area than what’s usually talked about. We thought we’d let those that live and work here explain why it’s a great place to be… not for the publicized reasons, but what really makes the area special for them and their friends and family.

We Love the Outdoors

There are a lot of trucks in our parking lot.

And they’re not for looks… boats, snowmobiles, bikes, campers, dogs, and hunting gear can be seen packed and hitched to the back on any given Friday afternoon. When the workweek is through, we’re off to nature.

“My family likes to camp. It’s easy to get out and away for a weekend to pitch the tent,” said Alex, Mechanical Engineer. Within just over an hour drive, you can be to five Wisconsin State Parks from Appleton.

Access to the Northwoods is convenient, too, if you enjoy stepping out for hunting season. Jordan, Account Manager, explains, “I enjoy the outdoors; hunting, fishing, and hiking, and the Valley is ideally located for all three of these. We are right on the southern edge of miles and miles of public land that has terrific access to all of these activities.”

But if you’re not looking to leave, you can still get your eco-fix. Jake, Mechanical Assembler, loves the lake, “We live next to the state’s biggest inland lake, Lake Winnebago. Growing up experiencing this, I can’t imagine living anywhere else and my wife and I both look forward to raising our children so they can experience it as well.”

And in the Winter, the ice provides a whole new activity that Braden, Electrical Engineer, enjoys, “Lake Winnebago is a very unique fishery, including the one of a kind sturgeon season spearing through the ice.”

You’ll also see bikes, running shoes, softball cleats, figure skates, and farm boots headed out our doors on any given weeknight. Many employees are involved in sports clubs and farming during the week and there’s always a group in town you can join to partake.

The People Are Pretty Nice

The Midwest is known for their friendly faces, but in almost all our staff’s responses, they commented on how welcoming the Fox Valley is to those new here.

“It’s easy to integrate and make friends. The Fox Cities is welcoming of folks that move into the area,” explained Jon, Operations Lead.

Being a unique combination of rural and urban environments, the community has opportunities for a slew of backgrounds. As Shelly, Recruiter, says, “Most people take a genuine interest in others through kind gestures or a smile. There are opportunities for everyone of every family structure, economic status and culture to be positively connected to the community in some way.” And Zak, Mechanical Engineer, adds, “Being that family is a big part of the Appleton community, the friendly atmosphere and recreational events created makes me feel like I belong here.”

It’s really easy to, you know, live

We think Josh, Project Manager, sums the engagement of our community best: “I love living in this area because of the type of people that it attracts. Appleton has roots in hard-working, honest individuals that are not only incredible to have working with you, but are also great people to surround yourself with. People from this area will not hesitate to help you when you’re in need and they will continue to work until a job is done. I enjoy the encouragement that this provides to better myself and the support that it provides in times of need.” It’s really easy to, you know, live.

City life is alluring with its big lights and zillion options, but what happens when you need groceries or a quick doctor visit? And in the same tone, living out in the country is tempting until you want to have a healthy social life.

Our team is a mix of people who prefer to be downtown in the action or out of town in the countryside. Appleton works for both personalities, being a great combo of rural and urban living.

From a city dweller, Mark in Business Development, explains, “I’m a downtown kind of person, so I live in the heart of downtown Appleton. I get the experience of walking to great parks, nightlife, and restaurants, all while being able to exit the city within 15 minutes. This makes it easy to integrate my career with my lifestyle.”

Tanner, Mechanical Engineer, lives just outside the city and makes bike transportation work for him. “It’s nice to be able to bike to work or bike downtown to grab dinner and some drinks. Appleton does a good job of getting the community together through festivals like Mile of Music or Oktoberfest.”

If you’re looking for entertainment, we’ve got festivals and sports galore. Take it from Brady, Mechanical Engineer, “I really like that we host professional sporting events and big-name concerts but also are just minutes away from farm fields, lakes, and campfires.”

If you do want an escape, there’s an airport in town. We’re also no more than two hours from larger airports in Green Bay and Milwaukee. As Ashley our Business Analyst describes, “It’s great to be able to explore the states but come back to this smaller town.”

“I was born and raised in the Fox Valley and I think it’s a clean, safe area for my kids to grow up and attend school. People around here have morals, values, and a good work ethic,” says a native Electrician, Gary. So, it’s true that it’s a great place to raise a family, but it’s so much more. We’re active, outdoorsy, and enjoy a laugh with friends and family. It’s a lot like the culture we have here at C³. Fitting, as it’s the place we call home.

And take it from a local… “The fact that Lambeau Field is close and Packer Nation is so strong here, why would anyone want to leave?” Thanks for the spirit, Zak.

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