• Gain experience in a forward thinking automation and engineering company.
  • Work on systems from start to finish.
  • Team with mechanics and engineers in start-ups of machines.
  • Bring value to your work with early responsibility and hands-on projects.

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“We’re a tightly knit group. It’s not unlikely to see the CEO out in the shop on a daily basis. There’s a strong drive; a positive pressure to perform.” – Braden, Electrical Engineer

Electricians thread power into our machinery.

We are an engineering firm designing and manufacturing equipment for the foam and mattress industry.

We’re a part of one of the most disruptive industries in recent years. Our roll cage technology has allowed the mattress industry to explode into the ecommerce marketplace. We’re one of few OEM’s designing this type of equipment and it’s changing the way foam is manufactured, handled, shipped and delivered to the hands of customers.

Day in the Life of an Electrician

Electricians are responsible for starting up our machinery once the mechanical team finishes in assembly. They work off of electrical prints from our engineers to start up machines, and terminate motors and electrical panels.

They’re experts in:

  • Reading and following electrical prints
  • Efficient wiring of machinery
  • Panel and motor terminations
  • Working in a team environment and closely with mechanical assembly and engineering

The years of experience varies. We’re more interested in what you’ve worked on and the skills you’ve gained along the way.

There are times we may need an electrician to hit the road for a start-up at a customer’s facility. If you enjoy traveling, this will be a plus for us both.

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What It’s Like to Work at C3

Our facility and team has doubled in the past year. With us, our value of hard work and strong culture has also grown. We’re not your average manufacturing company with dark workspaces and old-school mentalities. We’ve got finesse:

c3 manufacturing floor

Our facility is bright, clean, and reflects the image our machinery conveys when we showcase it to customers.

The Electricians work in the main production floors with their own break room and lunch area. They work alongside our mechanical team making collaboration easy. The floor is known to feature killer music in the afternoons.

Roll With C3

We’re looking forward to meeting someone who is ready to work at a manufacturing company that “gets it.” Someone who loves what they do and wants to add value to a company that appreciates their work. We want to hire someone who has a track record their proud of and the willingness to dive into new projects full force. Someone who’ll gleam when showing the work they’ve done.

If this is you, introduce yourself. Show us why you’re a good fit for our team at C3. If a resume and cover letter tell your story, send them. We’d love to see something cool you’ve worked on, too.