• Help with the implementation of our new ERP
  • Manage procurement issues and resolutions
  • Conduct purchase order management
  • Answer customer inquiries and manage support cases
  • Grow in the position with improving the workflow and relationships of our team with vendors and customers

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“Everybody comes together as a team. When we’re trying to solve a problem no one points fingers, we all just strive to produce the best equipment out there.” – Grant, Mechanical Engineer

Purchasing ensures the right parts are in our facility to build our customer’s new machine. Customer Service ensures those machines are up to customer standards for their longevity. 

This is a unique dual-department role for someone who enjoys variety and working with different people. Both departments are growing, and we need someone to help us ramp up.

We are an engineering firm designing and manufacturing equipment for the foam and mattress industry.

We’re ingrained in one of the most disruptive industries of the past few years. Our equipment allows mattresses to compress and roll into a bag or box for shipment. This innovation has revolutionized the bedding industry, especially for ecommerce. We’re one of a handful of OEM’s in this field and it’s changing the way foam is manufactured, handled, shipped, and delivered to the hands of customers.

Day in the Life of a Purchasing and Customer Service Representative

The Purchasing and Customer Service Representative will help both departments with daily tasks as we move to a new ERP system. They’ll be responsible for making sure workflows are processing smoothly, and help with the implementation as needed.

This person will work mainly on the purchasing side. They’ll be helping with purchase order management, resolving shortages and issues with procurement, and working with other departments for material accuracy and availability. They’ll provide back up to the C3 support team with answering customer inquiries, documenting the cases, and manage the case to resolution.

They are experts in:

  • Multidisciplinary work and staying organized through it
  • Working through issues and inconsistencies in procurement
  • Jiving within a group, but also able to self-start and manage
  • Developing positive relationships with vendors and other internal departments

We’re not as concerned with your years of experience or degree. We’re willing to work with the perfect fit and provide on the job training. If you do have experience or a degree in Procurement or Supply Chain Management, that’s a plus, and the biggest ‘plus’ is a proven track record of a great attitude and organizational skills.

This role will work with many different departments at C3, including operations and engineering. It is a great position to have if you enjoy working with a variety of people and want to grow your skillset.

What It’s Like to Work at C3

We just celebrated our 25th anniversary! We started as an engineering firm doing one-off projects, and now we sell a full line of our own equipment for the foam and mattress industry. We’ve come a long way, but we still have more to go!

Our facility is clean and bright, and our team is fun and quirky. We have an unmatchable brainpower with our engineering team and people in every department that care a lot about what we ship out our door. We’re proud of our equipment and services, and it’s a team effort to engineer and manufacture them.

Help Us Grow!

We’re looking forward to meeting someone excited to launch into this dual position. Someone with the tenacity and patience to sift through detailed projects (like our ERP implementation). Someone who enjoys people and variety in their work.

If this is you, introduce yourself. Show us you’re right for C3. Send along your resume and cover letter to tell your story, and be sure to include something cool you’re proud of.