• Gain experience in an original equipment manufacturing facility.
  • Work in a team that focuses on efficiency and accuracy to drive the production floor.
  • Become the next Mega-man (or woman) by regularly lifting 75 lbs.
  • Bring value to your work by being the go-to for getting parts, equipment, and test-products in and out of our doors.
  • Serve as a Fork Lift Captain by safely maneuvering our facility floor.

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“The most attractive part of being a team member here at C3 is the environment. I’m a part of a team that’s invested in what they do and this allows me to live out my passion every day.” – Jeff, Mechanical Engineer

Without Receiving, we’d never make a product. Without Shipping, our work would never leave our door. 

We are an engineering firm designing and manufacturing equipment for the foam and mattress industry.

We’re ingrained in one of the most disruptive industries of the past few years. Our equipment allows mattresses to compress and roll into a bag or box for shipment. This innovation has revolutionized the bedding industry, especially for ecommerce. We’re one of a handful of OEM’s in this field and it’s changing the way foam is manufactured, handled, shipped, and delivered to the hands of customers.

Day in the Life of a Shipping & Receiving Material Handler

Shipping and Receiving Material Handlers guarantee our parts stay organized and get to the hands of our assembly team. They receive in and ship out prospective customers’ testing products. And, they carefully package our equipment for final shipment to our customers.

They’re experts in:

  • Interacting with multiple freight carriers schedules, requirements and documentation
  • Driving a fork lift, operating a pallet jack, and other light equipment
  • Inspecting shipments for damages or discrepancies, recording them, and notifying those involved
  • Managing inventory as it’s received and shipped

The years of experience in our team varies. We’re willing to train the right person – someone motivated and willing to learn. We’re more concerned with your level of detail and ability to speak up when things aren’t in order.

Our Shipping & Receiving team works with many other departments within our business. This means you’ll need to be a clear communicator and keep your ducks in a row to keep things flowing smoothly.

What It’s Like to Work at C3

Our facility and our staff have doubled in the past two years. We’ve maintained our value of hard work and that culture has grown with us. We’re not your average manufacturing plant with dark workspaces and greasy handles. We’ve got finesse:

Our equipment is assembled in the same area as shipping and receiving. It’s bright and clean, reflecting the image our machinery portrays when it’s being showcased to a customer.

We also just expanded into a second warehouse facility ten miles West of our main location. The shipping and receiving team mans this space as well, making sure inventory stays organized and parts are received and shipped on time.

Help Us Ship Great Work

We’re looking forward to meeting someone who keeps a tidy shop space. Someone who has an eye for organization and likes to help others stay on track. We want to hire someone who has a track record of being friendly and honest; who enjoys extending an extra hand. Someone who’s proud to sign off on shipped work.

If this is you, introduce yourself. Show us how you’re right for C3. Send along your resume and cover letter to tell your story.