Why You Need the Hot Melt Bridge Unit

As hot melt continues to be the preferred ingredient for mattress building worldwide, our hot melt bridge unit has transformed the process from a sticky situation to an impressive solution. Originally designed as an add-on for the LCN1250 machine, the hot melt bridge unit glues mattresses faster and more efficiently. But it has the flexibility to deliver intense power just by itself. 

The standalone hot melt bridge unit on a single belt

Fast and Safe 

Although not quite as quick as lightning, the hot melt bridge unit is remarkably fast. It’s truly the faster way to make more. With a belt speed rate of 200 feet per minute, each layer takes 6–10 seconds to glue. This means you can easily build a three-layer mattress in 30 seconds. That’s about 5x faster than the average machine!  

We also know how time-consuming and unsafe hand spraying is. Introducing automation in your daily production creates faster results, safer procedures and less labor per unit. The hot melt bridge unit needs just two people to place the layers on the belt and glue them together — no hand spraying required. 

Less is More 

As a standalone, the hot melt bridge unit produces a smaller footprint when it only includes the bridge, the hopper and one belt, along with an optional vision system. This is a perfect solution for limited spaces (and limited budgets). The best part? The smaller size brings big acceleration to production speeds and an increase in cost per square foot. 

Our streamlined setup minimizes the equipment being used, which reduces downtime and maintenance. We’ve also incorporated adjustable heat zones in the hopper to filter out bad glue and prevent charring. All this from a small piece of equipment leads to faster performance times. 

Additionally, with controls for the two hose lines and 30 spray heads, the hot melt bridge unit allows you to regulate the amount of glue being distributed. Now you can get the right amount on the right places at a great speed. Overspray and glue waste will quickly become problems of the past. 

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