C³ Engineering Team Looking For New Recruits

Each time we bring a new engineer on board we find ourselves asking them, “Do you have another engineer friend?”

While we’ve made a push to grow our engineering team we’re not done yet. We’re looking to hire four more engineers before the year ends.

Our equipment is used in one of the most disruptive industries – foam and mattress. The equipment we manufacture has aided in propelling mattress sales in the e-commerce market. It’s technology that has directly impacted multiple levels of the supply chain – from foam pouring to final mattress packaging for retail.

The compression and rolling of mattresses has been nothing short of revolutionary for the bedding industry. See what it’s done for some of the biggest brands in the market.

Our Value

We’re growing rapidly, more so than ever. It’s thrilling, a little scary, but our team knows it’s a result of the work we’ve put into making nothing short of the best equipment for the market.

We need more brainpower to fuel these projects, so we need engineers ready to make the most of their careers.

Engineers working with us get early hands-on experience. It’s a design-heavy role that requires a constant pulse of creativity for solving design problems. Our equipment can be as large as 20 feet tall with 50+ tons of force.

Your work drives our machines; your passion delights our customers.

Why is C³ growing?

We’ve had a surge of projects and requests come through; the positions we’re looking to fill aren’t empty seats, but extra work stations we’ve built. Our team needs extra bandwidth to push projects through and address special assemblies. We all like normal work hours and weekends off, so we want more brains doing better work instead of burning out our current engineers.

Even though we’ve hired in the past few months, opportunities keep popping up.

For example:

We added 18,000 sq. ft. to our facility.

We made an international debut at Interzum in Cologne, Germany.

We launched a new machine, with another on the way.

If this description fits you, please apply:

Electrical Engineer

Our company started as “Controls Concepts Corporation,” hence “C³.” The owner of C³ is an electrical engineer by trade; we see electrical engineers as the ones who drive the success of projects. They power our designs and often are the last to guarantee the machine is up and running properly.

We’re more concerned with your skillset and work than years of experience. Our engineers earned Bachelor’s degrees and know electrical design, various PLCs, drive systems, and servos.

“When working on projects it’s pretty cool to analyze the situation, draw up our solution on a whiteboard, and within a few days we have a working concept. We’ll see it hit the floor a couple of weeks after; to see it become reality is pretty cool,” says Jeff, a Mechanical Engineer

Apply Now: Electrical Engineer 

Mechanical Engineer

Our Mechanical Engineers are involved from the start of every machine design, through final assembly and testing. They work together with the Electrical Engineering team to finalize designs and move them through final assembly and testing to ensure functionality. 

We draft in Solidworks and our engineers have Bachelor’s Degrees in Mechanical Engineering. We’re looking for applicants with portfolios they’re proud of versus a big resume.

“Everybody comes together as a team. When we’re trying to solve a problem no one points fingers, we all just strive to produce the best equipment out there,” says Grant, a Mechanical Engineer

Apply Now: Mechanical Engineer

Are you still in school? Keep studying. We look for interns every summer, from Sophomores to Seniors, with the right class mix and experience. If you’re excited about what you’re studying, tell us why you want to put it to use.

We’re hiring in other areas too…

More About These Roles

We pride ourselves on quality – this extends not only to the work we produce, but also to the environment we work in. Our facility is top-notch – we’d bet our manufacturing floor is one of the cleanest and brightest you’ve seen.

All of our engineering positions are salary with benefits. We offer 401K plans, vacation time, and generous paid holidays. The hours you’ll work depends on the projects in our pipeline and how you manage your time. Expect to travel for installations and support, especially as an electrical engineer.

Our CEO says it best: “If you want someone that’s going to test you, this is the place. We’ll challenge you in so many ways, you’re never going to be bored. In five years you can go anywhere you want… we want you here forever. This is your last place.”

Hear it for yourself.

How to Apply

We’re looking for people so excited about engineering that they bring their work with them to the interview.

Engineers that can’t wait to pick up a marker and attack the whiteboard.

We don’t need people that prefer to stay at their desks and hide. We love when they pull out the wrench and fix the problem themselves.

If your resume and cover letter can prove that, send those. If there’s more to your story, tell us.

Who You’ll Work With

Electrical and Mechanical Engineers work in respective teams and together to push machinery through our pipeline. The designs are shared with purchasing to order the parts. Once they’re in, our mechanical and electrical assembly teams start to work on building machines. Engineers are a big part of the assembly process through the final testing stage.

All our projects are worked on in teams and we move through challenges together. We’re challenged every day, but it’s our focus on delivering the best product to our customers that pulls us through successfully. This is where your love for problem-solving will help us most.

You’ll work out of Appleton, WI where our facility is located. If you ask around, you’ll find many people find the area fun, welcoming, and a convenient place to be. Ask Tyler, from our Mechanical Assembly team, “I was born and raised in the Fox Valley, and simply put, this place is my home. My wife and I attend Cheesefest in Little Chute every year with our friends. We also enjoy the summer nights relaxing on the patio together.”

It will be challenging.

Engineering is about solving problems. Many of our engineers describe stories about how they got into the field by taking things apart and figuring out how to put them back together. This is like that, but there’s no picture on the lego box to guide you… you have to draw your own.

It can be rewarding. It can be frustrating.

We hire the people that will find it rewarding.

Want to roll with us? Apply Now.

We’re glad you’re interested. If you’re reading on behalf of a friend, please share it with them.