New Position Openings At C³ This Spring!

Our HR Manager, Tiffany, must be bored…

This week, we posted SIX position openings on our team across the board. We’ve got sales. We’ve got service. We’ve got operations. We’ve got shipping… Basically, if you’re looking for a career, it’s likely we have a position in your field!

Jokes aside (Tiffany is definitely not bored), we are growing. We’ve had a slew of projects and new procedures come through our business that is launching yet another growth spurt. We’re getting more sophisticated in our processes with different software implementations, and we’re continuing to be successful in the foam and mattress market, this time on a global scale. It’s an exciting time to be at C³!

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Here’s a preview of who we’re hiring for our team. For all positions, we’re looking for people who are excited to move into a career where they can live out their passions. Our employees are team-players who are excited by new challenges and work together to achieve them. We don’t finger point or compete, but see how far we can push ourselves to create something great together. New employees are curious and willing to share their gifts with us to make our team stronger.

Sound like your kind of place? Here’s who we’re hiring.

Shipping & Receiving Leader

Our Shipping & Receiving department keeps growing. We added members to our team in late 2018, but with a new warehouse facility up and running, we still need more hands. In particular, we need an overseer. This role will lead shipping and receiving workflows at our two facilities – Venture Drive HQ and the Lynndale Warehouse. They’ll create the schedules for the team, manage the inbound and outbound shipments, make sure things are kitted properly, and communicate with other departments to keep things running smoothly.

Here’s what Tiffany has to say about this position: “If you are looking to work with and motivate a solid group of ‘can do’ C³ employees, then look no further. As thousands of parts are received weekly, we are looking for a Leader that can take us to the next level with organization and parts management.”

Three big changes fueled the need for this position: the desire to kit our parts for assembly, a new ERP implementation, and the second warehouse facility. This is a great role for someone who can tackle many large projects at once and stay organized while communicating key details to those who need to know.

Sound like the job for you? Learn more about this role here.

Purchasing & Customer Service Representative

As the rest of the business has grown, our purchasing team has held the reigns as a duo the whole time. They need help! As we ship more projects out the door, the role of purchasing grows exponentially. Someone has to purchase all the parts to build the machine, and that’s our purchasing dynamic duo. This department is looking to add another person who can help them scale up their work. The role is supportive, meaning they’ll be helping the two manage purchase orders, catch and solve issues or inconsistencies, and help with the ERP implementation. When not busy in purchasing, they’ll also be aiding in customer service. Especially, when it comes to answering the phones and being a point of contact for customers and support cases.

Tiffany shares, “Awesome opportunity to work with great co-workers and grow. We are willing to train and develop the right person and will consider part to full time if someone is finishing their degree in college. This is a great position for someone who enjoys a fast-paced environment.”

This dual-role joining the duo team requires a person who is very detail-oriented and enjoys working across departments and tasks. They’ll need patience with the changes the ERP will bring, and tenacity to keep things in order and accurate for the team.

Is this a challenge you’re ready to accept? Learn more about the role here.

Account Manager

A growing company is made possible by the sales team rocking their job. If they don’t sell the product, we don’t make it! So as we’re seeing growth, we need to add a salesperson to our business development team. This position is great for the go-getter who loves meeting new people and helping companies meet operational goals.

Many of our clients are looking to improve and automate their facilities. Our Account Managers help guide them through how C³ equipment and engineering services can help them do this, and do it the best way possible. This person needs to be able to relay important information back to the C³ team and then vice versa to satisfy the expectations of our clients. They need to simultaneously rep C³ while they stand up for the customer internally.

Tiffany shares why this is a great opportunity for someone interested and working in sales: “It’s the perfect time to join our Business Development Team. There are so many opportunities in the foam bedding industry and C³ is just starting to get some traction. This is the perfect position for someone who enjoys account management.  It’s also a great position for developing new relationships domestically and, at times, internationally.”

It’s a fun, fast-paced job on a business development team that enjoys pushing each other to succeed.

Sound like your prerogative? Learn more about the role here.

Electrical Engineer

Being an engineering company, it only makes sense that we’re hiring for an electrical engineer. Engineers are the brains of our business. They work as a team of teams, divided into product groups to become masters of their designs.

Tiffany shares what makes this position attractive for engineers: “Our Engineers are the brains of our company and we are looking for a talented Controls Engineer to be our new team member. Our Controls Engineers can travel and see some pretty amazing places along the way. Not only that, we are an OEM and that means our Engineers create and innovate.”

Learn more about our engineering team and who we hire here.

Are you an engineer seeking a new position? Learn more about this role here.

Operations – Mechanical Assembler and Electrician

As more projects come through our doors, we need more people to help build them. Our operations team builds and wires all our equipment in-house in our main facility. When parts come in, it is up to our assembly team to build the machines according to our prints. Then, electricians come in and wire them for acceptance testing. Once accepted, we tear down the machine, ship it, and set it up again at a customer’s facility. This person will work on our team on-site to help build and prepare machines for acceptance.

Electricians! Tiffany shares this with you: “We have a solid group of Electricians at C³ that hardwire our machines. The travel is limited (5-7 trips on average a year) and the places you get to visit are pretty awesome. Our Lead Electrician is an expert in popcorn making on Wednesdays. This is one of many priceless perks of working at C³.”

And for the Mechanical Assembler role, Tiffany shares this about the culture on our shop floor: “For someone that likes to harass co-workers in a loving manner and build awesome machinery all day in a clean climate-controlled environment, look no further.”

Ready to get to work? Learn more about the electrician role here and the mechanical assembler role here.

More About Working at C³

C³ engineers and manufactures equipment for the foam and mattress industry. While we haven’t always been selling to the foam and bedding industry, as of late it’s become our niche. Our expertise is in the engineering of the equipment and building automated systems with our machines. This work helps to automate facilities – providing better jobs for operators and manufacturing better quality products. Oh, and it’s our 25th year!

Our culture operates on ingenuity and integrity. Ingenuity to stay curious and always look at challenges from multiple viewpoints to find the best resolution. Integrity to keep us honest and cohesive. Our team is fun and vibrant, everyone has a personality that fuels our culture and you’re sure to notice it the second you walk in our doors.

You’ll work out of Appleton, WI where our facility is located. If you ask around, you’ll find many people find the area fun, welcoming, and a convenient place to be. Ask Tyler, from our Mechanical Assembly team, “I was born and raised in the Fox Valley, and simply put, this place is my home. My wife and I attend Cheesefest in Little Chute every year with our friends. We also enjoy the summer nights relaxing on the patio together.”

How to Apply

Ready for a career with C³? All of these positions are currently open and accepting applications. Click on any link above to learn more about the role and submit your application. Visit our Careers page to learn more about us and who we hire. You’ll also find information to sign up for upcoming position openings if one of these just doesn’t fit what you’re looking for.

And, as always, if a position reminds you of someone you know, pass it along!

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