Top 10 Reasons to Intern at C³

This post is part of a special series by our summer marketing intern, Ethan! 

We’re searching for interns next summer!

C³ is devoted to automation with manufacturing equipment and engineering services in Appleton, WI. We have been doing business for 24 years, offering engineering services and equipment manufacturing. Our interns join on as additional hands to our team. Having an internship with C³ takes your abilities past the classroom to real world application. Here are this summer’s intern team’s Top 10 reasons we believe why you should consider an internship with C³ next summer:

1) Join a culture that values cross-functional teamwork.

Most of our interns believe our workplace has a great work environment. A unique part of our culture is explained perfectly by Ben M., in that, “It’s really cool how the engineers, assemblers, service techs, and business people work so closely together. Everyone talks to everyone and there isn’t an “us versus them” sort of mentality. It seems we have tremendous customer service; people are always on the phone helping customers. We also have a strong – at times frustratingly so – resolve to solve problems the right way, opting for robust solutions over quick fixes.”

2) It’s likely your coworkers will become your friends.

The vibe at C³ is definitely towards building open, friendly relationships with who we work with. This includes your coworkers. When I joined C³, I had no idea how close everyone was. For example, most Friday’s people go to Cedar Creek for brats together. Tiffany planned great group activities like going to a Timber Rattlers game and mini golfing. Plus, of course we have a softball team! And from day to day, you can just look around and see friendly conversations going, smiles, walks on the trails over lunch, and a general excitement to be here. Everyone is willing to provide a helping hand to make sure tasks get completed on schedule. You really feel like you’re a part of something. 

3) Practical work projects that will actually help your resume.

When you work with us you will take off into hands-on projects quickly. We believe in challenging our interns by encouraging them to perform at a more elevated level than what they’re used to at school. This drive originates from passion and enthusiasm for your craft.

When you master it, doors open up and potential outcomes with us become endless. Some of our interns from the past are now full time employees. For instance, Jon was an Electrical Engineering Intern last year. Now he is full time with us and he shared, “Working at C³ full time is a lot better. You get more responsibility and more involvement. Also you get to see a project start all the way from the ground up.”

His advice for incoming interns is expect to be pushed and ask questions. Fall internships, summer internships, semester internships…doing any internship program means you have an ongoing pipeline of future employers and references.

4) Test drive what you learned at school.

Learning and adjusting to another work environment may take some time, however, we are certain that we will test your insight and aptitudes. As an electrical engineering intern you are assigned projects to create and upgrade our equipment designs. Ben M, Electrical Engineering Intern explained, “Working on these projects provides a thorough introduction to PLC programming and automation networks, which is a very transferable skill in today’s market.”

Past projects included designing HMI screens and enhancing communication between numerous machines in a network. We find your qualities, interests, and our needs to discover assignments that will advance your skillset while adding value to our products. Doing an internship with us will provide you with grounded experience of how your studies can be applied in a work environment.

5) Get pumped about your career path.

C³ can give you the opportunity to experience diverse leadership styles. With regards to great leaders, I can consider such a large number of individuals to look up to at this company. One that will dependably have my consideration is Brady. He completes a magnificent activity here in ensuring everything is running smoothly in operations. He understands that the relationship with clients and vendors are essential to everything we do. It is these connections that make C³ great in a wide range of tasks and in an assortment of businesses. Brady is continually assembling input and information with each client and vendor to constantly progress and advance our production. His working attitude impacts this company greatly and seeing his drive influences me to emulate him. He’s just one example of the great mentors you’ll get to work with and learn from.

6) Take your work with you.

After interning with C³ this summer, they have provided me the opportunity to increase my network, expand my professional branding, and having probably one or two personal ambassadors that would be glad to help me when I need them. Courtney helped me set up a LinkedIn profile and I would profoundly prescribe having one. This application is my future since it allows me to build up associations as I go through school.

When you connect with different experts in your field, you’re increasing more information and knowledge since you’re collaborating with partners. Additionally, it enables you to advance yourself. Regardless of whether you’re utilized, searching for a vocation, or an entrepreneur, and offer your achievements with companies. All things considered, you presently realize what potential companies are out there; a prominent accomplice or customer could be awed by your work. This entry level position with C³ was only the start to my profile and I can hardly wait to see where the rest takes me.

7) Prep yourself for the future.

Some internships can give you the opportunity to work in areas that you won’t work anytime in the future, you might get to know people that become lifetime friends, or you can realize how passionate you are about something you only got to know through the internship you had. Having an internship can definitely be something that transforms your life and gives you a new perspective. Being open to new ventures is the best way to approach your internship.

8) Bye-bye paper shuffling and coffee runs. 

Through my time as an intern, I have been put through a variety of tasks. Some days I will be in the warehouse, some days I am at a desk. C³ does an excellent job making sure you are not always having repetition. Another intern, Ben, said, “The internship provided me with a broad understanding of the business, exposing me to the business and logistical side, while also focusing on engineering specifics to help me as I pursue an engineering degree.”

Ben as well saw multiple sides in his internship, which he appreciated greatly. He concluded with, “My position here at C³ allowed me to complete meaningful work and always kept me occupied rather than shuffling papers and making coffee runs.”

9) Learn something new and get free lunch.

Lunch and Learns are an awesome meeting held once a month. Through these you get an opportunity to converse with someone from a different department and get some answers about who we are. Lunch and Learns serve as a platform for teams to explain their responsibilities. Plus, you get to hang out with the other interns while eating free lunch!

The presentation is either from our CEO, a department head, or a guest speaker. You realize that even though we all work together, we’re on different teams and we might not know what everyone is working on all the time. Hearing what the company discusses together is intriguing and helps you to understand that C³ is a family. When you understand what everyone does on a day-to-day basis, you have a new appreciation for each employee and understand where they fit.

10) Have a voice and improve your confidence.

Working at C³ gave me a considerable measure of confidence. I got an idea of how a group functions in coordination to assemble and maintain a product. Furthermore, seeing all the positive responses I get from creating blogs and articles, checking in parts, and doing our online networking motivated me.

In any case, there are times where I make an error, yet I concede my mix-ups and gain from them. This experience truly pushed me to check my work. Additionally, as a student, we don’t have many opportunities to contribute thoughts that have any real-world impact. I consider most of us overlook this once we begin working, but we develop our strengths alongside a sense-of-self as we start to produce work.

Doing real work allows us to grow in our self confidence. Our supervisors ingrained some certainty yet advised us that awesome thoughts can originate from anyplace, even us lowly interns. A healthy dose of humble confidence will help to ensure that we reach our goals in the future.

I hope these reasons add value in considering C³ as a possible option for an internship. There are many other reasons to do a summer internship and hopefully you will discover them here at C³ Corporation. I know many interns that will tell you they have loved it here as well. I would like to thank C³ for allowing my knowledge to grow and it was a pleasure working for you!