C³ Machines Help Fulfill Cyber Monday Orders More Efficiently

It’s official: Monday, November 28th, better known to consumers as Cyber Monday, was one for the record books. With Adobe’s early estimates pointing to a staggering $3.4 Billion in sales, Cyber Monday has edged out Black Friday in terms of gross revenue. The National Retail Federation conducted a survey and found that 122 million consumers planned to shop on Cyber Monday, and more and more, we are seeing a shift away from the long lines and early hours of traditional retail on Black Friday. According to RetailNext, Thanksgiving weekend 2016 saw a 4.7% drop in in-store net sales as consumers continue to trend towards the comfort and convenience offered by online eCommerce solutions. The question for the foam and online mattress industry now becomes, “Are we doing everything possible to ensure speed and efficiency from production to delivery of our products?”

Considering the sheer volume of online sales this Cyber Monday and the rapid growth of the online mattress industry, it’s clear that a portion of that $3.4 Billion is there for the taking. Online mattress companies made a huge splash in the eCommerce world, with three separate companies cracking the 2016 Edition of Internet Retailer’s Top 500 fastest growing e-retailers. Leesa ranked in at #499, Saatva Inc. at #300, and Casper at #290. Moreover, these companies completely skipped The Second 500 Guide, the Internet Retailer list specifically catered to smaller, mid-tier online retailers. To create and maintain that level of sales, efficiency and ergonomics are the name of the game, and at C³, those types of innovations are what we do.

Our family of machines is tailored to your specific needs. Our Compression Packaging Machine handles the mattress the entire way, compressing and rolling your product quickly and safely, feeding it through to the Box Line and directly into its packaging. In one hour, 90+ pieces of Cyber Monday products are ready to be shipped with minimal wear and tear on your operators. No more bending down hundreds of times a day to pick the product up off the floor, no more bottlenecks or pauses in workflow to readjust your product, just efficient innovation in action when consumer activity demands it the most.

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