Cost-Effective Roll Packaging With C³’s Stand-alone Roll Cage

Most manufacturers who produce foam bedding products can take advantage of foam compression packaging. For production facilities that manufacture low volumes or smaller products like toppers, wedges, or pet beds, a stand-alone roll cage is a better fit that a full-scale compression folding machine. Why? Because traditional bed-in-a-box machines are more robust than what you may need. Many small products or all-foam beds can be packaged by a stand-alone roll cage that uses the same roll packaging functionality, without the extra features. 

If you know you need to roll pack but want a cost-effective machine for what you produce, then the stand-alone full-sized roll cage (model: RC9500) is likely the machine for you. This machine removes the press and folding section of a traditional mattress packaging machine and uses only the roll cage to roll beds to width. Products like all-foam beds, toppers, pet beds, wedges, and other items can work in this machine. 

Watch our latest video to learn how the stand-alone roll cage works and see example packages:

How Does It Work?

The most noticeable difference between the RC9500 Roll Cage and our CF1396 Compression Folding Machine is its size. The stand-alone roll cage is smaller because it does not have a separate press or fold section. All of the compression takes place in the roll cage, which also means only stretch film is needed. This means your cost per package will be less.

Products are rolled in the same way as our other roll cage designs. The roll cage holds the package dimension and the product fills the void from the center-out. This places far less stress on the product. As the product rolls in on itself, it expands to meet the final package dimensions. This protects the product from damage or warping.

The stand-alone roll cage packages all-foam or pocket coil mattresses within certain dimensions. You’ll need to check a compression calculator with the C3 team to determine if your product is suitable for the roll cage. You can also package foam toppers by folding them in half or thirds to create the smallest package size. 

What Can The Stand-Alone Roll Cage Package?

The stand-alone full-size roll cage is capable of packaging a wide variety of products up to 90 inches wide and 16 inches high. It’s robust enough to handle packaging inner-spring mattresses yet versatile enough to handle smaller products like toppers and wedges.

This roll cage creates final package dimensions ranging from 9.5-13.5 inches. We recommend the RC9500 model as the ideal option for your facility if you’re looking to roll package any variety of these items with one machine:

  • Foam and latex toppers
  • Wedges or small foam products
  • Foam or inner-spring mattresses
  • Small beds for marine, RVs, or bunk beds
  • Foam cores or sheets

As always, the optimal package and machine to use are determined on a product by product basis.

What Else Can You Do With The RC9500?

There are a number of additional add-on components you can add to create a system that improves efficiency and ergonomics. 

Traversing Stretch Cart

By adding our unique traversing stretch cart to the RC9500 model, you can use a single SKU of stretch film no matter the width of your products. This means, you would be able to package products from small wedges to king-sized mattresses using the same 50-inch stretch wrap SKU (rather than swapping it out for 100-inch to suit the mattress’s size). When you only have one size film, that’s less changeovers for your operators, which equals more uptime.


Our Boxline is also a wise add-on for this machine. Rather than having wrapped products fall to the floor from the roll cage, the Boxline conveys the product up to waist height. Operators then control the speed the package exits with a foot pedal on the floor while it shuttles into a box. It’s a great ergonomic option for handling and boxing rolled products.

Variable Cage

Want even more variety? It is possible to upgrade the standard roll cage on this model to a variable cage. Discuss this option with your account manager to learn if it would be a good fit for your business. 

If you’ve been looking for a cost-effective way to start roll packaging your large foam products, the RC9500 is the entry-level machine you need. Contact us today to find out if the RC9500 Full-Size Roll Cage is the right machine for your product mix.