Increase Shelf Space With An Optimized Foam Topper Package

Shelf space with proper branding has always been an issue in the furniture and bedding market. The topper roll cage is designed for our clients to deliver a rolled foam topper package while still offering a size for premium shelf space and enhanced branding capabilities.

With retail space causing many businesses to think more strategically about their warehousing and distribution processes, it’s no surprise as to why many commerce settings have downsized over the past few years. Mark, in Business Development, states, “Packaging in furniture and bedding has been evolving rapidly with efforts in e-commerce and retail optimization. Amazon has even gone as far as to begin setting up distribution facilities just for furniture and appliances.”

The topper roll cage machine produces a package that is 15” in diameter and 15” in length, giving our clients the ability to compress and roll a 4” thick king size memory foam topper into a 15”x15” package. When thinking about LEAN principles that contribute greatly to our client’s bottom line, Mark says, “Standardizing on package size, while using the least amount of packaging material, provides a quick return on investment. With no poly film and stretch film, the package materials are minimal.”

Our engineers have also focused on designing this machine for ease of use and safety in many ways. In production, the topper roll cage system is extremely operator friendly with a simple and graphical interface. For machine maintenance, the machine was designed for simplicity and safety from the way the roll cage opens to the simple guarding in the back of the machine.

In addition to ease of use and maintenance, our engineers were challenged to create a machine that would help our clients maximize output without taking up a lot of valuable floor space. With a tight footprint and high throughput, this machine produces 150+ packages per hour. Mark says, “Our engineers focused on the market needs from an effective package to the way a machine needs to operate in production. We believe this design is the most impressive topper-packaging machine we’ve engineered.”

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