Interns Explore a Summer of Opportunity

This blog is a special series on our summer interns by our Marketing Intern, Ethan! 

We’d like to introduce ten new interns in full time summer positions! They will be exploring their chosen career paths more in depth and get a real feel for a work environment. Our interns will provide their assistance in the following areas: mechanical design, electrical engineering, marketing, and customer service.

For many of our interns, this position is the first time they are working in their field. There’s a lot more that comes with that responsibility than just the project they’ll work on – they also will experience what it’s like to mold into a workplace culture, manage their day to day schedule, and belong to a new environment.

Luke’s First Day in Mechanical Engineering

At C³, it is our job to make sure our mechanical engineers understand that we seek to use technology to engineer solutions for manufacturers. Luke, a Mechanical Engineering Intern, quickly took initiative on his first day by being patient, eager to learn, and of course friendly. Luke started with drawings on SolidWorks for ongoing and upcoming projects.

Luke said, “One extraordinary component about C³ is the way they let me soar into working on projects immediately.” Luke’s eight hours fly by because he tests mattresses as well as doing the drawings for the upcoming projects. This variety keeps him occupied and enables him to associate with more team members. Luke concludes with, “The people here are friendly and genuinely make this an incredible environment to work in.”

The Summer Life of an Electrical Engineer

Ben has been very busy as he has assisted with machine startup on two compression machines already! He’s also redesigning an HMI for a compression folding machine so it is more graphical instead of text-based. He modified the code for various Excel tools for internal use to make certain processes more efficient. Most recently, he implemented a database to store mattress testing data gathered from a machine and created a user application to filter and display this data graphically. This week he will be working on transferring data into this database from the PLC on the machine. So much in only a few short weeks!

This summer he is living at home, so he will be spending a lot of time with his family. He has plans to go camping and visit his brother in Minnesota. Also, one of his former foreign exchange students will be visiting from the Czech Republic. Ben enjoys playing the piano as well and is playing at his church a few times this summer. He’s a perfect example of our passionate team outside of work – he clearly has a lot he takes pride in at home to fuel his work day.

Ben reflected, “This internship will undoubtedly provide a wealth of technical knowledge and experience that I can take forward into whatever I do. I love the company culture and the variety of work, as well as how involved the engineers are with the final product. It seems like the constant innovations in this industry will provide many opportunities for interesting work going forward as well.”

Acquiring Early Experience

“Thank you for calling C³, this is Emily.”

Emily is a purchasing assistant intern here at C³. Her duties allow her to be interactive, social, understanding, and careful. Emily answers phone calls and does a slew of administrative tasks to help our customer service, purchasing, and accounts payable teams.

Emily chose to work at C³ because it provides her with an introduction to the business world. She is acquiring great customer service skills from one our best C³ Staff members, Lisa. Lois also has taken Emily underneath her wings by providing knowledgeable information about our database system and work order reports.

Adopting the C³ culture is a tough task and it seems like our interns know how to handle it. These 2018 summer interns are exceptional workers and have great character! Another intern, Ben B, on the mechanical team said, “C³ Corporation is giving me the opportunity to learn more about my desired career field while doing exceptional work for a great company.”

This truly shows that our message is affecting everyone that walks through our doors!

About Me

I’m a Marketing Intern this summer, and will be sharing our interns’ experiences over the next few months. So, hello! My name is Ethan and I am proud to be apart of the C³ Team. Recently, I was walking through the hallways of Kaukauna High School, but now I am a proud Kaukauna Ghost alumni. In the next few months, I will be spreading my knowledge and social media experience all over C³’s social media platforms. This is an extraordinary opportunity for me and my future. Being able to do this will give me an advantage at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire, where I plan on double majoring in Marketing and Spanish.

Stay tuned to how our internships progress over the summer!

Interested in interning with C³? Visit our Internship page to learn more and get on next summer’s waitlist.