Optimize Glue Application With Our Roll Coating Lamination System

Our Business Development guru, Mark DesJardin, says it best: “Any mattress manufacturing company looking to increase their production and increase their throughput… must, absolutely, go to a roll coating system to be able to hit those numbers.” With that said, our semi-automated lamination system is the solution for your business!

This machine is the answer to most of the questions that impact your enterprise when you ask yourself: How can we maximize our throughput and create greater efficiency in the production process? How can we create a safe and ergonomic working environment for our operators? How can we ensure the greatest ROI in the quickest time frame?

Foam enters the system and is met by a measuring plate, confirming the product height, and automatically adjusts the height of the metering roll to make sure that the roll keeps glue contained apart from the applicator roll. Our applicator roll then applies the water-based or acrylic adhesive to the product. Finally, patent-pending technology controls the speed of the metering roll. This allows for greater control over the speed of the roller, the amount of adhesive used, and ultimately, the coat weight applied to your product. Our roll structure is designed to create precise and consistent glue application from the first piece that enters the machine to the last.

Freshly coated, each layer of foam is assembled by operators on either side of the build table and then sent into the press to complete the process. Simple and effective, the semi-automated lamination machine’s press forces air through the foam layers, quickly drying the adhesive and creating a powerful bond. The product is then ready for a cover and packaging.

With linear throughput, unparalleled consistency, and quality assurance, the LCN1000 semi-automated lamination system boasts a tremendous output, allowing you to maximize production, meet a higher demand and guarantee ROI as soon as possible. For more information on solutions that can help increase your foam or mattress shipping output call (920) 749-9944.