How the Boxline Helps Ergonomics on Compression Packaging Machines

The United States Department of Labor tells us that businesses spend $170 billion dollars per year on costs related to preventable on-the-job injuries. Not only do these injuries translate to a loss of productivity in the workplace, but a loss in quality of life for your operators.

The wear and tear on the bodies of operators is very real, and when a machine is sending 90+ products an hour off the line and onto the floor, your operator is potentially bending down and picking up 720 products in a single day!  In short, when you’re seeking a healthy work environment, ergonomics is everything. Our CF1396 Compression Packaging Machine and Box Line aim to address this. Best of all, if you already own one of our compression roll machines, the Box Line is a very simple attachment!

The CF1396 Compression Packaging Machine transforms your product (mattresses, in most cases), to a compressed, rolled, easy-to-manage package. We ensure minimal bulk and maximum product safety by applying precise force equally across the entire product. Then, the product is sealed in a protective layer of stretch film. Our stretch film is durable enough to keep the product compressed and safe from the elements, but easy for customers to remove so that they don’t risk damaging their purchase with a knife or a pair of scissors. With three points of contact, all product handling is done in the machine, which means no leaning over and reaching into the machine to readjust the product. Once your product is rolled, the Box Line takes over. Carrying your compressed and rolled product straight off of the line and directly into the box, ready to be shipped to its new home!

In a matter of seconds, your product has been safely and uniformly packaged with minimal effect on the well being of your operator. It’s a simple design with a significant impact that creates a lot of value. For more information call (920) 749-9944.