Creating the C³ Showcase Automated Bedding Line

Something was different about our shop floor last month…

Typically packed with machines ready for testing and approval, our floor transformed into a polished, operating mattress manufacturing line. We became a mattress manufacturer for a month – our machines running C³ beds and our engineers acting as operators. It was the first time we tied our lines together into a system, start to finish, on our own floor to make mattresses.

“The key to the growth at C³ is understanding what customers need and how we can help them get there. We don’t just have one solution, we have many. We’re constantly modifying and improving. Our team can always create new concepts to help solve new challenges we’re seeing in the market. This line on our floor shows what we’re capable of when we tie these concepts together,” said Zak, Mechanical Engineer.

Watch as Zak and Joe come together to explain what happened here for the C³ Showcase:

The equipment on our floor not only provided a unique opportunity for clients to visit, but also for our engineering team to stand in the shoes of an operator.

As they became hands-on operators, they were able to think through product transitions and operability of the machines at a more focused level. They felt the importance of delivering a quality product to the next stage of machines and operators in order to produce a final, quality mattress.

“If we consider the line as a 100-ft, 10-ft, 1-ft level, so often we as engineers are looking at a project from a 100-ft or 10-ft level. In building the C³ Automated Bedding Line, it gave us the 1-ft view, allowing us to see up close where we could increase functionality of our equipment,” said Zak, Mechanical Engineer.

At the end of the Showcase, C³ sent every employee home with a bed made during the show. It was our way of saying “Thank You” for the work put in to making the automated bedding line function for the showcase.

Interested in seeing the full line in action? Reach out.