Win-Win Foam Topper Packaging: Low Cost for Manufacturers, Easy to Handle for End Consumers

Foam toppers are perfect for compression packaging. The single-layer, simple design is easy to compress and manipulate into a retail-friendly package. They easily fit on the shelf and are light enough for the average consumer to lift into their cart. The hardest part for manufacturers, then, is deciding what to put on the outside of the box.

C³ engineers the Topper Roll Cage System to ease packaging of topper products with compression and cost-effective packaging materials – both of which will save you in shipping and handling fees while passing the same ease of handling on to consumers.

Delight End Customers & Save On Packaging Costs

The Topper Roll Cage System is engineered to quickly package foam toppers and sheets into easy to handle and ship packages with limited packaging material. With a double roll cage design, the product passes through to a primary roll cage to roll to width, then rolls again in a second roll cage into its final dimensions.

The standard package is held at 15 x 15 inches (381 x 381 mm) by a woven sleeve and slid into a box.

Watch the machine in action in this video:

Even if you’ve seen the Topper Roll Cage System before, be sure to watch the video again. There are new notable improvements, including:

  • Functionality on the machine to cut the scrim fabric
  • Varying package size options beyond the standard
  • Light safety curtain on the second roll cage’s exit

Besides the values of compression packaging, the biggest savings manufacturers see when using the machine is in packaging material costs. This system requires two products to create the final package. Scrim material follows the product into the first roll cage, protecting the product from damage. Final compression is held by the sleeve, a low-cost option for a package of this size.

The package size can vary from 15 x 15 inches, too. For example, the topper machine can package a 3-inch King topper with 3 lb density into a package with a 13 ½ inch diameter and 20 inch length (343 mm diameter, 508 mm length).

If you manufacture foam toppers and want to save on material costs and achieve the best looking package for consumers, this is the machine that will help you reach both goals. Take advantage of the topper’s natural fit for compression packaging with the topper packaging machine.

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